Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bench Talk: Giveaway Blogs

Have you ever taken the time to hop from blog to blog? If yes, you will have noticed the increasing number of blogs whose purpose is solely for product reviews and give aways. Is this the evolution of a personal blog?

(Sunshine) I don't do much blog hopping so the answer is no.

(Carolin) I have blog hopped and have found some very interesting blogs. I have noticed a lot of the giveaways blogs. I don't normally stay on them as I don't find them very interesting. We have talked about doing product reviews but I would like to do it differently than the giveaway blogs. But at this time I am not sure just how, any suggestions? Also, I have found most of the giveaway blogs are American so they are not applicable to us Canadians.

(Cathy) I do blog hop and I have come across many interesting blogs. I am now a follower of many of these blogs. (Check out my profile to see the list) It's the evolution of blogging that had me asking the above question. Many of the blogs I now follow started out as personal blogs and they still are to a point. Our own blog (At the Park) has grown and evolved. We have made many friends by participating in a Friday Follow Blog Hop. Most of these blogs are now give away blogs. On a give away blog products are reviewed and bloggers can enter for a chance to win the product. From what I see this is a lot of work. It almost becomes a job in itself to keep up with the posts of new products and winners. It's a great way to increase exposure to your blog and I think that that is probably the catalyst for starting the give aways. I was reading a blog the other day and the author was advising that she was slowing down on the give aways and getting back to the original reason for blogging; sharing her personal thoughts on life.

Starting a blog is so exciting and when you start to get followers it's even more exciting. It's important to remember the reason for the blog and try to stay focused and hopefully, people will be drawn to read out of interest.

I hope our readers find what we have to share interesting. Welcome and enjoy!

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  1. I would rather see a personal blog with a mix of giveaways, I don't find giveaway only blogs interesting either. I started to do some giveaways about a month ago and it's a lot of fun to add to my personal blog. SOOO frustrating when most giveaways are for US. it's good to follow other Canadian blogs to see the Canadian ones. I actually have a Canadian only giveaway on my blog right now *gasp* unheard of right?? lol