Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's on the Bench

(Sunshine) Well winter has finally reached the greater Toronto area. At school they are actually talking about the possibility of a snow day tomorrow. Wouldn't that be lovely? I am tired. It was such a busy day today. We had 400 students visiting from other schools for a Black History Assembly and lunch. They were there all day and we worked at double speed all day long. A snow day would be a welcome thing tomorrow. (Carolin) I hope we have no snow day as it just messes stuff up for me. I had my highest sales today as our school hosted a volleyball tournament. I was busy for most of the day and when I wasn't making food I had teenage girls hanging out in the kitchen asking advice on their love lives! My advice you ask, "girls stay away from the boys and boys stay away from the girls." You like that! I had one girl all upset because she was feeling guilty cause she was 'going out' with this boy but her parents have already told her she was not alowed to date. She felt she was lying to them. So, I set her straight and told her she was feeling guilty because she IS LYING TO HER PARENTS. After three days of this she informed me today she told the boy she could no longer date him. I then asked her if she still felt guilty and she said no. Keep in mind she is a grand old age of 14!

This Sunday marks the end of the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver. Canada is doing very well and the hockey game on Sunday should be very exciting as we are in contention for a gold medal. Speaking of the Olympics what does everyone think of the flower (and I use that word very loosely) that the medalists are given to hold? My family has had long conversations on facebook about the 'flowers'. I am interested to hear what others think especially fellow benchers from other countries. As I type, the Canadian women's hockey team just scored a goal! and now as I proofread this (friday morning) I am wondering where Cathy is? Canadian Womens Hockey won the Gold! Good job ladies, I think I heard this Olympics is the most medals Canada has ever won.

Mr Sunshine is back from Calgary tonight. He has been travelling every week for the past 2 months or so. He is usually home on the weekends so we really look forward to being together as a family as it is such a rare thing during the week. I hope you get to spend some nice down time as a family. The husband will be home for the next two weeks on a lay off. But then has to go back to work just as the March break starts.

Little Miss Sunshine is performing in a French play next week on Wednesday during the day. My job is great because I can work when the kids are in school but it also means that I will not be able to attend this play. I was hoping to leave early to see it but as there are only three of us in the cafeteria as it is. The manager is already leaving early for an appointment with the specialist that she scheduled months ago. I thought there was 4 or 5 of you. Since there has to be at least two of us there, I will have to stay. This will be the very first anything that I have ever missed for the girls and I am really sad about it. I know she will survive and so will I. I am really just talking out loud. I am grateful to have had what I have had for so long. You will get over it and so will she, I tried to have myself or the husband attend events but it just doesn't always work out. I think it is good for the kids to learn that not everything revolves around them. As parents we do our best and that is all that can be expected in the end. I talked to the little one's French teacher yesterday (saved ourselves a formal interview). She wanted to let me know that I won't see it on the report card next week but the little one's mark has gone up! Mind you she is still failing French but not as bad as she was since the last report card. We talked about this new French program of learning French with visual hand association. She said the school has been looking into it and in considering implementing it next year for the grade fours and fives. She did say that it was visual hand association and not real ASL (American sign language). I am open to anything if it helps the little one pass French. Our school has been using the visual hand association all year and the kids have learned a tremendous amount. The play that they are putting on is the three little pigs and my big bad wolf is constantly practicing her lines. It is really cute and her pronunciation is more accurate then mine. This term they are reading the words as well as doing the visual signs and I believe that the last term they will be start writing as well. It seems to be working for her so far. I would love to hear from teachers their perspective on how they are all doing compared to the old system. When I get a chance I would love to have a chat with Madame.

I hope that everyone is doing well and I wish you all a great weekend.

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  1. Sorry ladies, I have been sick in bed for the past few days. My throat was almost swollen shut and it felt like it was full of razor blades every time I tried to swallow. Also, my head feels like it is going to explode any minute. Just running a slight temperature. I know, too much info, but, I just had to share, lol!