Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bachelor - flying on the wings of love

I have been following the bachelor since the very first episode. If you watched the Bachelorette last season Jake the pilot who was a favourite of many of the viewers is now the bachellor. He is now down to 4 women. Tenley, Gia, Vienna and Ali.

My favourite from day 1 has been Tenley. Last night Jake decided to send Corri home. I thought that she was a nice girl but it didn't seem as though she would be the one for him.

Jake is very serious about finding his future wife on this show. In my opinion I feel that he will end up with Tenley. Gia would be a close second.

Ali is a trouble maker and she can be really mean to the other girls but comes across to Jake as being a sweet girl.

Vienna I feel is just too much work for Jake although he does seem to be attracted to her. On last nights episode Vienna went searching for Jake once they had all retired to their rooms and she found him in bed. She climbed on the bed (on top of the covers) and she wanted to hang out and let him know how interested she is in him. Jake sent her back to her room and expressed that it was inappropriate for her to be there and he did not want Gia (who was Vienna's room mate upstairs) to think that anything was going on. Vienna left and felt very unsure of how her decision to visit Jake in his room was perceived by him.

Jake also confronted Ali on his one on one date regarding her displeasure of Vienna still being in the house. Ali has been very vocal to all of the other girls about her displeasure at Vienna being given a rose at each rose ceremony when she was also given a rose. She expresses that she cannot understand how Jake can be interested in Vienna when she is so different from herself. Ali as threatened to tell Jake about her feeling on this subject on every episode so far. Well this week Jake called her on it and she said that the problem was fixed and that she was over it.

Next week will be the home town dates and I am really looking for ward to that.

Good Luck Jake, I really hope that you find the right girl.

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  1. Totally agree with you. I've thought from the beginning that Tenley is the one for him. Hoping the hometown dates somehow turn him off Vienna. And aren't we all just really happy that Michelle is gone???