Monday, February 15, 2010

Bench Talk: Family Day

(Carolin)So it's Monday and Cathy has sent out the usual email to let us blogger's know that Bench Talk is ready to go. So between loads of laundry, prepping for work tomorrow, nagging the little one to take a shower and put on clean pj's. Then there is the day long chit chat with the teenager trying to trump her story of why she was out 3 hours past curfew. She says she fell asleep but.....

For us in Ontario it is Family Day. This is a relatively new holiday for us (I think only a two or three years old). The idea is for family's to spend the day together and do stuff. What nobody tells you is not everybody gets the day off (the husband is at work) and I had talked to the kids to see if they wanted to go to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) to see the King Tut exhibit. But this would require the little one to change out of her pj's (what she has been wearing since Friday after school). And the teenager (who loves history and anything about Egypt) says she didn't want to go cause she heard it was a crappy show with very little actual King Tut stuff on display. Also, she remembers the last time we went to the AGO. What a total waste of money and the whole time we were there the security guard followed us around like we were going to steal something. Like we would be interested in the display of rotting food or maybe it was the chair
hanging upside down on the wall (and this is art???) So needless to say we stayed home and did house stuff.

What about the rest of you, what did you do for Family Day?

I slept in this morning. That was a real treat. When I got out of bed I felt really draggy and heavy. I had the start of a headache and my eyes were watery. I ignored it and went about my day, as I too had to go to work (happy Family Day to me). After lunch Hubby took the boys out to a local hill so the younger one could try out snowboarding and see if he liked it. He did, so he will get a lesson this coming weekend. I started feeling a twinge while they were out and in no time that twinge bloomed into one huge, horrible, cramp! I took advil, then tylenol and nothing worked. I was curled up on the couch, feeling totally sorry for myself, with a pillow and heating pad. I felt like I was a teenager again. Even the nausea, and cold sweats returned. Actually, I am still on the couch, still feeling sorry for myself. My only hope is this too shall pass in one day, just like when I was a teenager. That's all I have for now. Until later, have a good week all.

Sorry that you are not feeling well Cathy, get better soon.

Today we woke up a little later then usual, about 7:00 am. We were up late the night before watching the Olympics and tuned in again this morning. Way to go Alexander Bilodeau for the first gold metal won on Canadian soil! Then we went to the Cheese Boutique to pick up a few things. Little Miss Sunshine says that they have the best croissants in the world. We picked up a few things and headed off to the in laws for a visit. We had lunch together and it was great. I always appreciate it when someone else cooks for me and the bonus is that my mother in law is an excellent cook. We watched more Olympics together and talked and Little Miss Sunshine and grandma worked on some origami.

When we first arrived at the condo, we parked in the underground parking lot and as we were approaching the elevator, Mr Sunshine asked if someone had his keys. Well, the keys were locked in the van. Good thing our 1 year of free On Star is not up yet. Mr Sunshine called On Star who would be able to unlock the car via satellite. Well the satellite is incapable of unlocking cars if they are in an underground parking lot. So, they sent out a tow truck. Well, Mr Sunshine was in the parking garage with the tow truck guy for at least 45 minutes. When he came back up the car was still locked. They could not unlock it. The tow truck guy decides that it would be best to tow the car out of the garage and have On Star unlock it via satellite. OK. sounds like a plan but the only problem is that the hydraulic lift on this tow truck is not working. So tow truck guy number one leaves and instructs us to call On Star and explain the situation so that they could send out another truck. Mr Sunshine goes back on the phone and we all laugh because he has to explain himself once again to another four people who keep searching for his information on us and dispatching tow trucks to us. It doesn't help that they cannot find us under our last name or licence plate number because it is a company car. Well about four hours later and 10 people that he had to talk to and two tow truck later and Mr Sunshine finally walks in with the keys. Hurray!!!! We stay a little longer and then we leave because we are trying to catch a 6:30 movie. The plan is to go and see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief (it was OK, Miss Teen Sunshine really wanted to see it and she loved it), get back home for 9:00 to watch Cake Boss (This is Little Miss Sunshine's favourite show) and then watch the Bachelor on the repeat at 11:00. I am now typing as Cake Boss is on in the back ground. It was a fun day but now I still have laundry to do for tomorrow. Back to work!!!!

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