Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night

Good Evening all, here we are at Louise's home tonight. It's been a while since we have been able to get together to blog. I arrived last and did they have the post set up....NOOOOO! so here I sit, getting ready to type EVERTHING they say! (Carolin) Stop your complaining. If we had set it up you would be complaining that we didn't wait for you! (I'm just grateful that someone is on here and getting the ball rolling) Thank you Cathy for getting us all together!!

Right now, Louise's little one is telling us about his friends at daycare. He has a lot of friends and is naming them all for us know. Before that, Carolin and Sunshine were talking about something to do with Carolin's church or maybe it was her kid's school. Now Carolin is talking about how the kids make fun of her as she cannot remember all their names. Louise's little one is now telling us how his older brother cut his hair. He did a darn good job! We think he would make a really good hair dresser. They can make a lot of money, especially in tips. (If my son becomes a hairdresser it will be over my dead body!!!) Not that I think anything is wrong with being a hairdresser but I would love something so much more for him......I know I know its all his choice.....but if I have anything to do with it I would love him to do something that he loves and from what I see,, doing his hair is definitely not one of them.........

I'm just about to ask the ladies if they have come up with any new ideas for the blog. I had sent them all an e-mail a few weeks ago with the mission to come up with some new ways to spruce up the blog. I have yet to hear if they have come up with anything new..... here I go...wish me luck! Actually I am OK with what ever they want and Carolin would like to make it a little prettier. I was just saying I would like it more girly (!) Whatever.......I think that whatever brings new opinions and people is always a good thing whatever that would be........

Can I get a word in? They are now talking about our kids and how they are liking the start of the second semester of high school. The teenager is still waiting to hear if she has been accepted to any University. Its a new semester so that means new kids and teachers and class locations. It will take a few days and things will be a little easier. Already its only been three days and she is getting into the groove of things.

I will try again.....OK here are a few ideas: change the look of the blog, start reading a book and discuss it (like a book club)... It's not like a book club, it is a BOOK CLUB. I think reading and comparing would be a good idea but I still don't think that we will all be able to find the same book and read it all at the same time........Let's see.

We have now digressed to teenage stress, or the stress parents place upon their teenagers. There seems to have been a show on TV that dealt with parents and their very high expectations.

I think I have managed to get some ideas discussed...stay tuned.

(Sunshine) He we are meeting at Louise's the four of us together for the first time in a very long time. Ya this book thing, what will we be picking. We are all a little bit concerned. Cathy is commenting on how good Carolin looks in her jeans and how much her husband much be "loving her in her jeans". Sorry to burst her bubble but I don't think my husband even noticed my jeans. Not that it matters, he may of said something the first time I fit back into them but it has been a while now. They are discussing of several books now and what others have read and how they were. Truthfully I am not a really big reader. I don't have the time or even a thought to do so but when I actually start a book I either love it and continue or can't get into it and don't finish it. I am a big reader, but am a little nervous about what books these ladies will make me read. Cathy is talking about this great book she is reading about this generation growing up in a digital world. I vote that Cathy be the last to pick the book we read. I hope I am up for the adventure for sure.

We are discussing the couch that just arrived. I waited 9 weeks for this couch to arrive and I don't really like it that much. So we may have to return it. Poor Mr Sunshine will be busy returning things tomorrow. I hope that I find one that fits. Carolin saw it tonight and she really didn't like it. She said that it is cheap looking and not big enough for the room. That makes me sound kinda bitchy, Sunshines' family room is large and long, the sectional couch is just not big enough for the room in my opinion. Also I really like the worn leather look of couches and this couch is very new looking. Kinda reminds me of a couch you would see in a doctors office. I totally agree.

Now to movies. Cathy is talking about Sherlock Holmes. She saw it last week and she said that she slept through the movie. I am not looking forward to seeing it based on Cathy's review.

The last movie that Carolin saw was The Princess and the Frog and she liked it and we saw it together. What about Avitar. Cathy saw it and absolutely loved it. I saw it with my family and I liked it but maybe not as much as Cathy. It was beautiful and the special effects were amazing. It doesn't even interest me.

So tonight is pretty much over I think we spent all of about an hour together. I think we got more accomplished than I thought we would.....short and sweet!!!! Anyway looking forward to reading and I will really try to look on some more blogs and see if we can find more people to join and share opinions with..........
The blue is Louise by the way.....I know you're thinking Louise who???? Well it's me and I'm going to give it a go and lets see what happens..........


  1. So it is 10:30 Friday night. After I left Louise's I dropped Sunshine at her house came home, finished the laundry, sent out some emails I had to get done, brought up what I need for next week at work. And then went on the blog. Bam! thought I was on the wrong site. Man that Cathy works quick. I like the green and orange (my favorite colours) but the pale blue makes it hard to read some of the stuff. I don't know if it is just cause it is different but I think it makes our conversation colours stand out more. What do the rest of you think? Time for me to go to bed. night all chat soon

  2. Good job Cathy, it looks great. Thanks so much.

  3. Do you mean the pale blue along the right hand side column?

  4. Yes along the sides is to pale and where you wrote the bio that shade of blue/grey is hard to see. The shade of blue that Louise writes with is good.