Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bachelor (flyine on the wings of love) home town dates

Last night on the Bachelor, Jake went to visit the home towns and families of the four remaining girls.

Gia was first. Gia (who I do like) was first and she lives in New York. I found it a little bit strange that they met her family in a restaurant instead of their home. Jake met Gia's mom, step dad, step brother and half brother. They all seemed to like Jake and were concerned that Gia would once again get hurt as she has been so many times in the past. Jake seemed to really like Gia's mom.

Next was Ali (she is my least favourite pick for Jake, yes even more so then Vienna). They visited Ali's late grandma's house (it was very touching). Then they went to her parents house and visited with her mom and sister and brother. It seemed like a good date and Jake seemed to be very impressed by the end of the night. He talked about how he is exactly where he wants to be with Ali at this point in their relationship.

Next was Tenley (my favourite pick for Jake). There is something about Tenley and Jake that makes me feel as though they just fit together. Tenley took Jake to her old dance studio and danced for him a piece that she has choreographed just for him. It was really sweet and Jake seemed to be very touched by the gesture. I think that Tenley is the one for Jake (she just needs to stop talking about her ex husband). Jake met Tenley's mom and Dad and sister. He had an opportunity to speak privately with both her mom and dad and both conversations were very moving. They really love and admire their daughter so much. They were honest in letting him know that she is still healing from her broken marriage but that she is ready to move on. They of all of the families felt to me as though they were not trying to make a sales pitch for how incredible their daughter was. They know that she is wonderful and if it is meant to be for both of them then they will be happy for Tenley and if not then they will still be happy and supportive for Tenley (and I really think that they would wish Jake all of the best).

Well lastly was Vienna. I now know why she is so strange. The apple does not fall fall from the tree. Her family seems nice but her dad (although he does love his daughter very much), well there is just something very odd about him. I felt that his interaction with Vienna was weird. Vienna wears a ring on her finger that her dad gave her that she will one day replace with a wedding ring once she gets married. I thought that it was a little strange but it was more then that, it was a feeling that I got when watching them together.

After all was said and done, Jake was getting ready for the rose ceremony ((I was so sure that Vienna was going to be sent home) when the drama began. Ali asked to speak to him. She was crying and upset. Poor Jake didn't know what was going on. Well Ali said that her work told her that she needed to go back immediately or she would loose her job. She was crying because she didn't know what to do. She expressed that she was being asked to choose between the two biggest loves of her life (well that should have given Jake a clue right there). Well Jake told her that he wanted her to stay and that he wished that she would take a chance on him but that he could not guarantee that he would put a ring on her finger in three weeks time. He did however tell her that she was not in jeopardy of going home tonight. Well without a guarantee, miss drama queen decided that she had to leave. She seemed so upset and Jake of coarse was devastated. I was happy because I do think that this seemingly great guy would make the wrong choice once again and actually pick Ali.

Well because of Ali's disappearing act, there was no need for a rose ceremony and Gia, Tenley and Vienna are still in contention to be his future bride. Personally I really don't think that we have seen the last of Ali, (if she does try to come back, then Jake please say no!!!)

Jake if you are out there and listening. For what its worth I think that you should have Gia and Tenley as your final two girls. Both are amazing women and either would be a great choice in my opinion but for what its worth, if I had to choose one girl for you it would definitely be Tenley.

Good luck Jake!!!

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