Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Night

(Carolin)So it's Friday and we are together at Louise' house (all but Sunshine, who is watching her daughter in a school play). Cathy is talking a mile a minute,(hey!)I tuned her out about twenty minutes ago. Louise is running back and forth from dropping her daughter and one son at the movies, cleaning up from dinner and getting the little one on the potty. Busy, Busy, Busy.

Well today is not just another Friday, I am as of today another year older. Yes today is my birthday I am officially 44 years old. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!!!! How that happened I can't tell you. Sorta freaks me out cause 44 seems (in my head anyway) very old. Please don't say that....this is suppose to be the prime of our lives. Especially women. This is our time!!!!(hey again, what does that make me?) It has been not a great week work wise and now I am one year closer to 50!!!! The husband and I went out for lunch (yes, we used a coupon BOGO) then came home to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers at my front door. :) Remember from the summer the camp director well they were from her. We had been chatting today at school and then low and behold she dropped flowers off on her way home. (Cathy)That's nice. I gave her a new version of a post editor for blogger, however, it does not seem to work the way I thought so I changed it back to the older version. I also went to Tim Horton's and bought her a triple chocolate muffin, (she hasn't seen that yet). It's interesting that you are being bothered by this age. I was really bummed out when I turned 40. I told everyone to not even acknowledge the day! Guess what, when I came home that day there was a big bouquet of helium balloons with a big number 40 and congratulations on it. I was livid! to this day, no one has owned up to it! I changed your colour Louise cause I was having a hard time seeing it. Also Cathy I tried to change yours but couldn't find a darker pink/purple Benchers is it just me or do you find the colours to light? (Louise)Hello everyone.....I was a little late today. When the ladies got here we were still eating, my kitchen is a mess and although it was mentioned that I was cleaning the kitchen.....believe me everything is just where I left it.....As for potty...missed that too. I have so much laundry, I don't even know where to begin. I'm with you there I have one load folded, one in the dryer and another still in the washer. Laundry is what I have to look forward to when I get home.

What do you all think about this bloggers. Yesterday the little one came running into the kitchen (at school) to get me to sign a test of hers that I didn't get to the night before. I signed it (and yes she failed it not a big surprise there) anyway within 15 minutes I got a email from the department head for elementary and also the little one's science teacher. The email was titled Behaviour email ( I guess it is the modern version of a white slip). Seems the little one is in trouble because I didn't sign the stupid test. What me not signing has to do with her behaviour I can't tell you. But this is my question to you all. What is the etiquette for behaviour email? Do I respond and if I do what am I supposed to say? Do I apologize or do I promise this will never happen again (more then likely will happen again)? Or do I just ignore it, which is more to my liking? I vote for ignoring it! Why does the teacher have time for this? You work in the school, could she not have mentioned it to you in person? I understand the need for communication, however, that is just plain not thinking. Maybe, you should send back a behaviour e-mail to her for miss use of behaviour e-mails! I agree!!!!! I think that nutty teacher should get a response in the form of a behavioural email to tell her to stop wasting every one's time!!!!
I am so very very lucky this year....My middle child is the one that struggles in school but his teachers are amazing. They keep me constantly updated and really, really help him out. I would be lost without them!!!
You are very fortunate Louise. The crazy thing is this teacher taught the little one full time in grade two and three. She obviously knows us well. Plus we are the two leads for the annual Christmas Breakfast I volunteer every year. She knows intimately the struggles the little one has with memory. And yes I get that the kids need to start being more independent and responsible for there own work. But is this is the same teacher who promised us (the husband and I) that she and the school would do what ever was possible to help the little one when we expressed concerns about perhaps this not being the right school for her. I guess it is just been a bad week, on my period,Wow!!!!! TMI!..... another year older, crappy sales at work and tired, just very tired. So though I am home now and still need to finish the laundry and I don't have a clue where the teenager is I and the little one are going to bed! So good night and sleep tight.

Missed you Sunshine add your two bits here and let us know how the play went.

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  1. Well girls it sounds like a very wild and busy night. Its actually kind of cool reading it because the dynamics between the three of you translates really well. I guess that I have never read a shared post that I was not a part of so it was really interesting and entertaining.

    The play was really good. We actually saw three plays tonight once of which will go on to the Sears Festival. Two of the plays were re written and condensed by grade 12 students and cast and directed by the chosen students. The last play which Miss Teen Sunshine was a part of was an original musical play entirely written, cast and directed by a grade 12 student. It was very impressive to see what these young teenagers can do when they put their mind to it. There were three other plays that were presented last night of which one will also be chosen to go onto the Sears competition.

    I missed you all very much and I am so glad that you girls got a chance to get together.