Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday's on the Bench

(Cathy)Hello everyone. Hope it's been a good week so far. It's snowing here, finally! I like winter with snow. Winter without snow is pointless. Looking out the window, when there's no snow, and seeing dirty, brown lawns is sad. If it's going to be cold, "let there be snow," I say! (Louise)I'm sorry I don't agree. I'm good without snow......I hate driving in it!!! It's funny because last year that's what I did for a living, I drove....I loved the snow then, Snow Days!!!! This year I work farther away and I always seem to be 5 minutes behind, so snow just doesn't fit into my schedule! (Sunshine)I also love the snow, in a visual sense only though. Driving in it is slow and messy. (Carolin)I as well like to look at it in pictures! but not to fun to drive in. I have mixed feelings about having a snow day (used to love them when I was home) but now that means no money! The nice thing about snowy days is I am usually busier at work so for that reason keep it coming.

What does everyone think of our new colours? It really brightens up the look of the blog. I love looking at other blogs and seeing some of the things people talk about and how they showcase it. I have learned to do so much by working on our own blog. We would all like to keep it fresh and interesting and I really like the idea of the 'book club.' Hopefully, the books come in soon from the library so we can get going. I was on the library web site and it even provides discussion questions for each series of books in the bookclub bags. How neat is that! I think you did an amazing job on our blog. Thank you for taking the time to do it. It looks wonderful. Cathy I like the new look it is very fresh. That Sunshine has great taste in books! (ha ha ha!)

So what is new and exciting this week? Received a bit of expected but unexpected sad news this week. (no one died, thank goodness), but, it does change things in a major way. Due to privacy issues I will not state what it is, sorry. Let's just say that when life serves you lemons, you have got to learn to make lemonade. I still have yet to let the other ladies know. (I am actually writing this on Wednesday afternoon, so will contact the ladies and let them know). Yes, life is always full of ups and downs...Don't worry family and friends are the keys. Everything will work out! Remember you have each other!!!! I wish that life were a little more stable. It is so unpredictable and sometimes pleasantly surprising which is nice but it is the unexpected hard times that occur in ways that we could sometimes never have imagined that make it so difficult. Unfortunately, there is no escaping those times, they touch us all in different ways. It is comforting to know that we are never really abandoned. The three F's will help to get you through (FAITH, FAMILY AND FRIENDS).

Changing subjects.... I guess we will be all watching the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games this Friday night. I don't know if I will watch the opening ceremonies. They are usually very long so if I am home I will probably just flip through the channels. Not at my house, the husband is on the afternoon shift so he won't be here, the teenager is going to a party and our small group will be over to discuss the next set of chapters of,"A hole in our Gospel." I am not a big Olympic fan. I don't mind watching the highlights and the finals of skating. But, I really don't see the point of all the money being spent to see who can ski down a mountain the fastest. How about we spend that money and make sure that there is adequate food and shelter and clean water for our world! Vancouver is spending billions of dollars on building and everything associated with the Olympics, can some one tell me how much they are spending to help fix the massive drug/homeless problem they have? This weekend is also the start of the Nascar racing season. Yes, I like car racing! The first race is in Daytona Beach, Fl. The, "Daytona 500," and all this week on the Speed network there have been shows catching us up on last season and the hopes for this season. Hubby really likes the driver, Matt Kenseth, and I hope he does well this year. When we were on vacation last year Mr Sunshine and I and Grandma Sunshine took a drive over to the Daytona race track. It was pretty cool and I was surprised at how massive it was. There was no official race that day, apparently we had just missed it when we had come into town. There are a lot of Harley Davidson Motorcycles in that town. A couple of years ago when we went to Disneyworld we drove past Daytona on our way up to St. Augustine so that my cousin who came with us could see as much as possible. And I too was shocked at just how big the race track was.

We got some good news this week. I haven't blogged or talked about it much except with Sunshine as she helped us out for a week when we needed her. But let's just say when the teenager broke up with Dilbert he did not take it well. And caused a lot of trouble for her and the whole family. He spread rumours about her throughout the school, went to the school VP and said she was about to commit suicide when she was home because her wisdom teeth had got infected. Stalked her on the public transit home from school, this is when Sunshine helped and the teenager did not take the bus for a while but was driven home by Sunshine. And then to top it off he went to a teacher at the school and said that our home was an abusive home. So for the past month we (Me really) has been back and forth with the school and Children's aid. But as of yesterday we got the phone call to tell us (me) that they (children's aid) is not pursuing the investigation and closing the file. But let me say it truly upsets me that there is now a file, even though it says "no action required". Needless to say it has been a stressful month in that regard. And if I ever see Dilbert again there is no guarantee what I might do to that little sh*t!

Once again my gut was right. I never liked him, I tried to hide it (probably not very well). But I found him way too controlling and he would never look me in the eye. The teenager used to say it was cause he was afraid of me. Which let me just say, HE SHOULD BE AFRAID OF ME!

With all that being said everything else is pushing along. The teenager seems to like her new class, and is doing prep work for the different University's she applied to. The little one is excited to be starting a new project at school on bicycles. The husband is at work for a few more weeks then on a lay off the beginning of March for a week or two, I am not real sure.

Wow.....That is a whole lot of drama......

Caroline I am so happy that this ordeal is finally behind you. I know that God is looking out for you and your family.

What I want to know is what is Dilbert consequence? Will he not have to suffer some fate for causing all of this? Where were his parents? As far as we know there are no consequences. I don't even know if his parents were involved as he and the teenager are now 18 years old and considered adults.

This weekend my athlete will be running a 100metre relay in Windsor and I will be lucky enough to share my Valentine's day with my two favorite boys. Hope the weather is good, it may be time to take out the toboggans...I know my boys would love that. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great Family day. (I forgot all about Family Day.) Not me!! An extra day to not wake up to the alarm clock!!!!!!!

That's pretty exciting, best of luck to the athlete. Hold on tight to those special boys of yours.
That's all I've got for now, until next week.

Have a great weekend!! May the sun shine brightly in all of our lives!!!!!! And if it has to snow let it only snow at Cathy's house so she can enjoy it and send the rest of us a picture.

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