Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bachelor (St. Lucia)

Monday night on the Bachelor, Jake and the three remaining girls spent time in St. Lucia.

The first date was with Gia. Jake and Gia seem to really connect and Jake seems to be dazzled by Gia's beauty. He commented on how he really needed to see if he was falling in love with Gia's heart and not just her good looks. At the end of the evening they spent time together in the couples suite. We saw them with their bathing suites in the jacuzzi tub together and then that was it.

The next date was with Jake and Tenley. they went on a plane and toured the island. Then they had a romantic dinner and Tenley told Jake that she was falling in love with him. At the end of the evening Tenley also agreed to spend time in the couples suite.

Lastly was Vienna. Jake and Vienna spent the day together on the same boat that was used in the film, "The Pirates of the Caribbean." They were very playful together. Jake commented on how Vienna was a little immature but it was a quality that he also sees in himself at times. They had a romantic dinner and at this dinner he asked Vienna what kind of engagement ring she prefers (WHAT????) Vienna also told Jake that she was falling in love with him. Jake made it clear to Vienna that he was very interested in her but that there were also two other woman there that he was also falling for.

Before the rose ceremony there was some of the usual drama. Ali called Jake and said that she was miserable and that she had make a mistake and wanted to come back to the show. (NO JAKE, PLEASE DON'T TAKE HER BACK). Well, Jake told her that he had moved on with the other three women and that he could not see who he would send home to be able to bring Ali back (WAY TO GO JAKE, THAT WAS AN EXCELLENT MOVE!). So Ali appeared to be very disappointed and Jake seemed to be stressed out once again.

Finally, it was time for the rose ceremony. Jake never ceases to surprise us all. He gave the first rose to Tenley (she is still my favourite and I think that he should marry her). So now Gia and Vienna are left standing. We all know who Jake is going to pick and we are all happy about it. He is going to give the next rose to Gia of course. Well, to everyone's surprise Jake gives the last rose to Vienna and sends poor Gia home. (WHAT IS HE DOING?). Gia is devastated and at this point we are all throwing things at our tv sets in disbelief. Gia is devastated and none of us can make any sense out of his decision.

Good luck Jake and a word of caution, if you end up with Vienna then you will be the nice guy who finishes last once again.



  1. So, not that I am interested, but, what is it about this 'Vienna' girl that Jake likes and no one else does?

  2. Its not that I don't like Vienna it is a matter of feeling very strongly that Vienna is not the right woman for Jake. However, opposites do attract so maybe I am wrong but my gut tells me that he would have a lot of issues if he ended up with Vienna and her entire wacky family.