Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bench Talk: Books we are Reading

We are still waiting for our book club bag to come in at the library. It's good that we have to wait as we are all trying to finish up books we are reading beforehand.

(Cathy) I am in the middle of reading a great book that was recommended to me by a 23 year old university student. It's called, "Grown Up Digital," by Don Tapscott. We were having a discussion at work and I had mentioned how Hubby and I have to limit the 'screen time' the boys have and how I long for the days when we were kids. Cathy, you sound old! The only reason that I long for those days was because times were so much simpler and we were sheltered from the troubles of the world and our responsibilities were very simple . I know the world is a different place and I do embrace technology, (after all, am I not writing in a blog?), however, I guess we still think old school in the ways the kids should do homework and play and socialize. (Carolin)I do monitor the little ones computer/TV time, and limit what she can do on the computer. She is very upset because I won't let her have a Facebook account. Her cousin who is three month's younger then her has one and she doesn't think it is fair. She was also complaining today in the car that it isn't fair that everyone in our family has a cell phone but her. I told her let it go and we would discuss it again when she is starting high school.
(Sunshine) Little Miss Sunshine is always collecting old expired cell phones and pretending that they are her very own functioning phone. She really does not even ask to go on the computer unless it is for a project but Miss Teen Sunshine, well that's a totally different story.

Back to the book I mentioned above. "Grown Up Digital," explains that the kids growing up today are the first generation to be fully digital. That we as parents, who are only partial digital, should not look at this as a bad thing. Our kids today have so many different skills then what we had. We, as adults need to adapt to our children's different way of learning and doing. We need to not freak out as much as they multi-task, ie: social networking while listening to music while doing homework. This is the new norm and we just have to accept it and adapt as our kids know nothing different. Funny you say that Cathy there has been the same song booming at the kitchen table for about 2 hours now. Yes, Miss Teen Sunshine is doing her homework and it is loud enough that I can hear from upstairs while I am typing even though the door is closed.

I am loving the different point of view the author, Don Tapscott, provides. It should make you yell at your kids less for all the time they spend in front of a screen. We'll see. I haven't limited the teenagers computer time in years. Partially cause I don't see that it is much different then sitting in front of the TV or chatting on the phone. Mind you I still every once and while will go through her computer and stalk the history, recycling, etc.

I have just finished reading Melissa Gilbert's autobiography, it was alright. I also read Anne Murray's autobiography which, maybe because she is Canadian, I enjoyed more. I have a few books from the library right now to read but I also picked up "Brothers and Sisters," season three and am watching that. Which I must say I do enjoy. This coming week when I head over to the library again I have Sue Grafton's latest mystery waiting for me. I have read all of her Alphabet mysteries and have enjoyed them all. I look forward to catching up on what has been happening to Kinsey Millhone

Carolin, with your busy schedule I am amazed that you get so much reading done, you too Cathy. I must be doing something wrong because I never seem to have time to sit down and read a book. Oh well, that will all be changing soon, I will have to make time to read our book club book.

Happy Reading!

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