Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

(Cathy)Hello all, welcome to Thursday. So, what's new this week. I do feel human again so that's a good sign. My Hubby and Carolin's hubby are at the Auto show today. Carolin will be proud as I found a coupon in the newspaper for $5.00 off the cost of admission. Not to worry the husband has the same coupon. Actually, I forgot to mention that a few weeks ago Hubby and I went on a 'date' to the movies and used a coupon we purchased at Costco. We went to see, "Sherlock Holmes,' with Robert Downy Jr.. It was o.k.. My sister had gone to see it and she raved over it. (I actually slept through almost half of it), (that could be because I was up for work at 4:30am the morning we went and we ended up going to the 10:00pm show? Nah!) (Carolin)I think I can beat that. Last Saturday night the husband and I went to the movies and saw Valentines Day (we liked it). It is a light romantic comedy, predictable but entertaining. Anyway, I used a free movie pass I had got through Herbal Essence shampoo. The husband payed for his movie with his Scene points. And we bought two drinks and got a regular sized popcorn free each. Also, to really make it worth our while we also each got double the scene points for seeing Valentines Day within a selected time frame. Oh yea also I paid for the two drinks with the $10.00 I got as a rebate from cineplex and Kinder Surprise promo back at Christmas. So the whole night cost us ZERO dollars. Ya, ok, you beat me! lol!

My older son had a half day at high school today as they were writing their practice Literacy test. All high school students need to pass this test, which they write in grade 10, as one of their high school diploma requirements. Isn't grade 10 a little too late to decide if these kids can read and write? I remember last year all the other grades got the whole day off from school when the grade 10 wrote their EQAO. Which I never understood why. The entire school staff are not involved in working with the grade tens. I have noticed that the High Schools use any excuse they can to get out of teaching the kids. I agree with you Cathy grade 10 is a little to late to find out a student can't read or write. Perhaps grade 8 would be a time to do the testing make it a prerequisite before entering high school.

Well this week was Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of the forty days of lent until Easter. At my school cafeteria we were asked not to serve meat on Ash Wednesday and every Friday until Easter. It was interesting as a lot of the kids were disappointed and looking for something to eat. The potato pizza was a big hit but the perogies were a big flop. Most of the kids did not know what perogies were and even after a free sample most of them opted to eat fries instead. On Friday, Miss Teen Sunshine has a performance at the school so I will miss our Friday meeting, sorry girls. Have a great time and I look forward to reading all about it.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

I would like to send out a Happy Birthday wish to Caroline.

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