Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Women's Beauty Products - Revisited

It's Tuesday morning and I have just reread our 'Bench Talk' post from yesterday. It didn't really make the point I was looking for. I guess I should have been more clear. I was thinking more about the reasons why we women use beauty products.

Women have been adorning themselves forever. Looking back in history there is countless pictures showing women bejeweled and painted. In history the adorning of women has always had a reason, usually showing social status.

Life today is different. When I was young I couldn't wait to wear makeup. I remember thinking it would make me more desirable to the boys! I was in high school! I had to practically beg my parents to wear that slash of skyblue eyeshadow over each lid. When I finally got the go ahead I felt so confident! Is that what makeup does? Make us more confident?

So, we wear makeup as we look for a partner. I have asked around and have found that most women stop wearing makeup, except for special occasions, once married (or whatever). Why?

Is it nature? In nature most species have some ritual whether with dance, song or coloured feathers to try to attract a mate. Once a mate has been picked the ritual stops.

Humans make all sorts of rituals. We have all sorts of ideas on how to make ourselves attractive. We will spend no end of money on this pursuit. There are companies making millions of dollars on women's beauty products. We are bombarded with countless advertising 'telling' us what we 'need' to achieve our desired result. It takes excellent self control (confidence?) to not fall for the 'ads'.

Is it all lies? Have we as a society been brainwashed by corporations into thinking that our natural selves are not good enough so spend, spend, spend. What about our youth? As I mentioned above, I was not allowed to wear makeup until I was in high school. Youth today are spending hundreds of dollars on makeup and hair products.

Do these products really work? What are they made of? At what cost to our health and environment?

So then, what about me? As I wrote in our Monday post I will not be seen in public without eyeliner and lipstick. I will also continue to spend money on my hair. Why? I am married and Hubby has seen me without the makeup and with my hair 'au natural' and that's ok. If I can be 'au natural' at home, why not out in public. Well, I know I just feel better when I think I look better. Even at home sometimes I find if I am sluggish I will make myself up and my whole attitude seems to change. I have more positive energy and I feel I am ready for anything.

Is this because of conditioning or is this just plain normal?


  1. Well I never really wore much makeup but I do remember that eyeliner was the big must for me in terms of never leaving home without it. Today my eyes are irritated by it so most of the time I go without it. I do think that I look better and less flawed with makeup on but the feeling of it on my face really bothers me and it makes me feel warmer and I am already hot all the time. I spend money on things like getting my hair coloured and waxing for me because I don't like how I look when my gray head band starts to grow in I feel really old when this shows. Also I don't want to braid my underarm hair so I like to wax it. I really don't think that my husband cares about the makeup or hair either way he is always telling me to just leave it. I never really asked him about the underarm hair.

  2. Braid your underarm hair!!!!! I am laughing so hard at the image I can barely see to type! You bring up another good point.. why do we spend so much time removing hair....I want to know the name of the person who decided that hair on women, other than on top of their heads, was gross!!!!

  3. It was Mr. Bic and Mr. Gelette (?) who dicided that hair on women other then there head was nasty!