Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursdays on the bench

Happy Thursday all!

Every once in a while it's good to step back and see where you are. At times you might be surprised to realize you have arrived at a place sooner than later. Also, you will have to accept that life is fluid, changing often, and that's a good thing.
(Sunshine) I agree Cathy life can put us through many twists and turns and its amazing to see what the human spirit can conquer. We are sometimes dealt a very difficult hand and then another and then another. When things happen we don't see or believe that they can ever get better but thank goodness they can. Thank you God for taking care of your children. We all need your help so much. Please continue to watch over us and to guide us.

So, with that said, here's one change. We ladies are having a hard time getting together for 'blogging and tea'. The past summer offered us time to get together and create our blog and boy did we all learn a lot of computer skills. It really is a fascinating world! It was only a few times over the summer when we had to blog from our homes and that was OK. Now, as our lives evolve, we seem to only be able to blog from home. We still chat with each other often, we just have different schedules now. We were suppose to get together tomorrow for some quality blogging time but I am going to try out a job tomorrow. If it works out then my days will be filled with the job and I will not be available to meet for blogging time during the day either. Sorry ladies I was looking forward to tomorrow.
(Carolin) I too was looking forward to getting together after my physical at the doctors office. But as usual it all works out as the husband is going to take the teenager downtown to the RCM music store for some sheet music she needs. If they do it tomorrow afternoon then we hopefully can go to St. Jacobs on Saturday. St. Jacobs is one of my favourite places and I love going on Thanksgiving weekend.

It's funny because we will set up the post and then call or e-mail each other all week about the post. It's fun! Cathy thank you so much for always being on top of it for us. If I start working next week then I will need more reminders to blog because I am already forgetting. If this job works out I have Louise to thank for it. It is in a school cafeteria in my neighbourhood and it is perfect hours and it follows the school schedule. Thanks you Louise for thinking of me and for getting me the contact. I met with one of the owners today and it seemed positive. I will go and work a full day tomorrow and see if myself and the employer are ready for me to start next Tuesday. Wish me luck!! You will be great cause you were great today helping me at my school cafeteria.

Now, about my week, I am feeling much better and I hope that we have seen the last of the flu in our home for this season. I am walking again but that's it. I am thinking about getting ready to put the garden to rest. I am watching my portion size at meal times and I am still drinking lots of water. I would like to increase my fruit intake, however, I am not a snacker and I just don't get hungry between meals. Me either, I am not a snacker but I can eat twice as much as my husband at dinner time. I don't need to lose a lot of weight, maybe 5 to 8 pounds. I am noticing that my belly fat is increasing and I wonder if this is an age thing? I guess if I could just ramp up on the exercise portion of my routine I might be able to tighten up! Well my exercise routine has been nil so far. I was sick all last week with the flu and I still have this nagging lingering cough. My eating habits are still pretty good but the scale has not moved. I wish that I could say what Cathy says and that I only have to loose about 5 to 8 pounds, but that would be a lie. I need to add a few more digits to Cathy's numbers. It seems like such a big task and I don't know if I am really ready to tackle it right now. I don't really want to even think about it. I as well have been fighting a cold for the past week. Because of the cold I haven't had much of a appetite and when I get home I am so tired I don't always eat much of a dinner. Since I have started the sandwich bar thing I have lost a few pounds without even trying !

I am halfway through my guitar lessons book and I hope to finish before the end of the year. I just remembered, I should take some more cuttings of my herbs from the garden and bring them in for the winter. (Did I just say winter?) I need to take in my bougainvillea for the winter. I will probably do that on Saturday when my mother in law is over because she will make my husband along with the help of his brother take it in. It is heavy and cumbersome so it will be easier with some help. That reminds me to bring in the Cactus'. And just what do you do Cathy with your herb cutting?

We are starting the next phase on our home renovations. We are updating the kids bathroom. I can't wait to get a new tub installed! The old one is so gross! I am choosing all white, as in the tub, sinks and toilet. Even the tiles around the tub will be white. One of the guys who works in the reno store where we shop was kidding around and teasing us that we were building a hospital room! I like white. It's so clean looking. I will be able to add colour with towels and things, right???
Our family room is still under construction. It looks worse than it has been for the last two years. Anyone who has been over in the last years knows that this is a scary statement. Our contractor person once again has been a no show for the past 4 evenings and he is also unreachable by phone. But, on a positive note, the gas fireplace gets installed this Saturday. I am excited about that. It will be a busy day with the installation and my husbands family over for Thanksgiving dinner. The party never ends around here. I was hoping to sweep the kitchen floor before thanksgiving! And I would be excited if the husband cleaned the bathrooms and remembered to put clean towels in mine as well as toilet paper.

Well today I got to see Carolin in action at her work place. Although the kitchen is small she has manged to do very big things with it. She has a steady clientele and the kids really like her. There was one boy who I believe spent his entire lunch hour in the kitchen with us and was chatting away. He obviously really enjoys Carolin's company. When he left I heard him say to Carolin "see you tomorrow Miss". We both smiled as we both prefer being called Miss to Mam any day of the week. As I entered the school and approached the kitchen the aroma was wonderful. The special of the day in the cafeteria was spaghetti (penne) and homemade meatballs. It sold really well. Then I watched and tried my best to help while Carolin made sandwiches to order and bagels and cream cheese. There were a lot of chocolate chip cookie and freezes sales. I was even there for the sale of her specialty fresh apples. It looked and smelled great. I have no doubt that there is much success in Carolin's future and I wish her all the best. It was great to see her in action. She also looks very professional and I have to say that she was wearing my very favourite non-colour (black). I want to give Sunshine a big thank you for coming and helping me. I could not of done it with out her. We were crazy busy, I just wish I could convince these kids to preorder there sandwiches it would make everyone's life so much easier. The freezes sales are crazy, I sell about 150 freezies a 4 day week. My apple specialty is a hit as well and it is a healthy snack. I have a great simple machine that peels, cores and slices the apple into a ring shape. I then sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on it. It is like eating a apple pie with out the calories and fat! Doesn't matter what the age of the student from the elementary to the high school, kids they all request it. The only people I can't seem to convince to give it a try is the teachers!

Well, that's all I have for now. On behalf of all of us we wish you and your families and safe and happy Thanksgiving and we will see you again on Monday for, "Bench Talk"

Happy Thanks Giving from our house to yours.

I had to run out tonight to pick up a few things for work tomorrow and I also picked up a 10 lb turkey for us on Monday. We have been fortunate enough to be invited for dinner on Sunday. And will be with family then. We were even invited for a dinner on Monday but I really want to stay home and make a small thanksgiving dinner for us and of course get organized for the coming week.

Have a great restful and THANKFUL Thanksgiving.

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