Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bench Talk: Origin of the Canadian Thanksgiving

Everyone has their idea of the 'Perfect Thanksgiving'.

Is it just about the meal? What about the 'meaning' of giving thanks?

Is it just about getting together with loved ones? Who started Thanksgiving?

We all know that 'Thanksgiving' in the United States of America was started by the pilgrims with the feast of harvest. How did Thanksgiving start in Canada and why is the date different?

I found this very interesting link on an internet search. It has some fun facts. It also has an article written by Peter A Stevens of York University on the origins of the Canadian Thanksgiving.

Give it a read!

I wish all our readers a happy Thanksgiving, a week from today!

(Sunshine) Thanksgiving is a special holiday. I enjoy time shared with family and friends. Having the people around me that I care about the most. That is what Thanksgiving is about for me. The meal is irrelevant. With Mr Sunshine's side of the family the turkey always makes an appearance. On my side of the family, the Lasagna could be the star. It really doesn't matter. I enjoy being together and catching up on what's happening in everyone's lives. It is a time to relax and enjoy each other's company.

I don't know so much about perfect, I really don't think about that all that much. What does perfect mean anyways? Is anything really perfect in life. If human beings are imperfect then why is perfect so important. Is everyone happy and healthy and getting along? If the answer is yes, then that makes for a perfect Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!!!

(Carolin)Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. Yes of course I love Christmas but with Christmas it is a whole lot of work and expense. When it comes to Thanksgiving I find making the meal and enjoying the company of friends and family is wonderful. Autumn is my favourite season and with Thanksgiving being in it, it is just natural to love it, too.

For the past few years my family has driven out to St. Jacobs Market on the Saturday. We enjoy the day out in the country and buying fruit and vegetables from the local farmers. We also enjoy getting our Thanksgiving pies, and cookies from the local Mennonite community. Some years we have driven to the only covered bridge left in Ontario (the kissing bridge) and usually on our way home we will stop at the Badlands just north of where we live and let the kids play on the hills.
We enjoy the badlands as well. I don't know if we can fit it in this weekend.

For the past few years we have been very fortunate and have been invited to my Aunt and her family for dinner on the Sunday. It is a time to see extended family that we don't see often and catch up with one another. Also, Thanksgiving is Mommie's birthday. (I better go shopping and get her a gift or maybe when she reads this she will decide she just wants my company and I am gift enough!)

Saturday we will be having Thanksgiving at our house with Mr Sunshine's side of the family and our gas fireplace is also being installed on that same day. That room is quite the mess at the moment. There is wiring everywhere and holes all over the walls and the ceiling. On Sunday, we will be at my sister's.

For the first time this year my immediate family will not be together. The teenager is going to Dilberts (the boyfriends) family for dinner. For the longest time she thought it was on the Monday but just this week he said it was Sunday. So she will not be with us.

Have a great Thanksgiving fellow Canadian benchers. And for all the American benchers why not celebrate twice. You can never have enough turkey!

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