Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Little One Pass' Another Milestone

I am sure I am like many other parents. I marveled at each milestone that my children reached. The first smile, first tooth, first step, first word, you get my drift. Well this past weekend the little one hit another one.

Now at 9 years old you don't expect much in the 'write it down in the baby book' events but alas at Walmart we hit another big one. One that just tells us though she is our baby she is NO longer a baby in world of commerce. We had been shopping (even got a few Christmas gifts!) and then went to McDonald's for some lunch. While the husband scored us some seats the little one and I waited our turn in the line. I have been to the golden arches enough to know the husbands order Big Mac meal deal and of course my own Quarter pounder with cheese meal deal. But each time we go I have to ask the little one if she wants a cheese burger or chicken nuggets happy meal. She is always switching in up so I am never sure. While this time when I asked her she replied she wanted a Big Mac! I tried to hide my surprise and tell her that they didn't have Big Mac happy meals so she would not get a toy if she ordered the Big Mac. She was thoughtful for a minute or two then said she made her decision and wanted the Big Mac.

So I ordered a Big Mac and she could just share my fries. Once we sat down the husbands eyes bugged out when he saw her with the biggest burger she has ever had. She started on her burger and though the middle bun kept slipping out and the special sauce was everywhere, she was Loving It! After sometime she finished the burger had a big smile on her face and then promptly started to groan that her stomach hurt. We laughed at her and told her next time she should slow down.

We finished our lunch and I was cleaning up the table as the husband and little one got their coats on. As I watched them start to walk away there was a small tear in my eye. My baby is growing up. Never again will I find pointless hunks of plastic of the latest movie in my car, no more Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglier, or Grimace. :(

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  1. What a big girl. We were also very surprised when Little Miss Sunshine did the exact same thing but she still continues to order happy meals on occasioun. I don't think that the little girl in them will be totally gone for some time yet. Thank goodness for that.