Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday on the bench

Happy Thursday all!

(Cathy) This is a recap on my past week. Remember, I have committed to exercise for 1/2 hour every day and also to give myself 'me' time for my other hobbies, (guitar, piano, gardening). So, I'll bet you're all wondering how I've done?


I was good for 4 days and then, bam!, the entire family fell sick. Hubby came home early from work last week Thursday and finally went back to work yesterday. The little one was home the same time as well. The older one toughed it out as he didn't want to fall behind at school. However, when he came home, he was wiped! I was also sick, again! How could I not with all the sick germs flying around the house! (Carolin)Sorry to hear everyone is sick, I am not feeling the greatest either. A lot of the kids and staff at school are sick, even though I wash my hands constantly I think it is my turn. Yesterday I started to feel off. I have been sucking vitaminC hoping to reduce the effects of this cold/HINI thing. As I write this on the morning news they are saying the hand washing is not as effective as the experts thought. (Sunshine) I have been sick all week as well. Just the flu but it really knocked me out and is still doing so. Cathy you beat me, my exercise count is 0 days.

Finally, left the house yesterday, head still feels like it's full of stuff and ears and throat are still sore. Just feel yucky! I keep telling myself just ignore it and it will go away. I made a batch of homemade chicken soup on Tuesday, comfort food. As for exercise, well, I did go for a walk this morning with the dog. Yesterday, I did maybe two ten minute walks up and down the stairs just to keep the blood flowing. The day before, nothing. I have yet to turn on the WII fit! When I am sick chicken soup is my favourite. I use my mom's recipe. It takes a while to make but its worth it. You may all know it as Italian Wedding Soup. I kind off wish that it could all be for me but everyone loves it so it only last for about two days. I guess I had better make another batch. Exercise, what's that about?

As far as other hobbies go, I am catching up with my guitar playing. I think I play better when I'm sick than when I'm well. What does that say for my talent??? Cathy, that comment made me smile.

I have not spoken with anyone this week so am not sure what the other ladies are up to. I did watch, 'Dancing with the Stars' on Monday night, yes, just to see Donny. Of course he was at the very end of a very long two hours. I thought he did OK. He was one of the better dancers. I will have to stay updated with Sunshine's posts. I haven't watched this show but I am watching Survivor and Amazing Race. Amazing Race is my one and only must see TV, it is my favourite TV show. I will update you weekly but in case you are interested, I think that the show will be cut down to one hour eventually as the eliminations increase. If you want Cathy, let me know and I will call you when Donny is up next. I don't watch survivor but I use to really like it. I think that it interferes with one of my other shows or I must be busy at that time. Really my little one has the TV most of the time in the evenings for an hour or so before bed. We are fixing the family room so there will be another room to watch TV. We have hired someone to help us with some work in that room. He was suppose to be finished by now but as typical contractors, he has only worked for 5 hours in 2 weeks. Its hard because it is a friend that we use to know fairly well before we moved to this home so that makes it more difficult to deal with. He is suppose to be here all day this Sunday. I will cross my fingers and hope that he actually shows up.

On a work note, we bid for new shifts next week which will last for the next six months. Most of the shifts are mornings starting a 3am! What the heck is that? There are no customers at that time in the morning! I have no clue what to do. I bid at the end of the first day so will spend most of the day crossing off shifts as they are bid and hope for the best of the worst! Work is going well for me. This week was a little slower then last week. The husband came in a couple of days to help with the lunch rush. It is about 15 minutes of crazy, his help help make it a little better. This weekend I need to write up a month end report to send to the principal. I said earlier the number were numbers were down a bit. I think my weekly expenses will be going down. When I was making the grocery list for work, I only need to pick up some perishables. I am planning a pasta/meatball lunch for next Thursday. Sunshine has agreed to come and help me for an hour. I hope it sells well. I think that one of the keys is to keep things different and have specials weekly. Mind you with that said I did have a pizza day yesterday and sold less pizza then I did two weeks ago when I did it. Also I had a bagel/coffee special on Monday and sold ONE! So I am not sure what to do. I will keep plugging away. I have had lots of comment from students saying they are looking forward to when I move to the new kitchen. We can offer a lot more hot food, french fries (baked) and more freshly baked foods. Plus I am told that the high school common area will be in front of the kitchen. Ping pong tables, fooze ball etc. so having the students hanging around in that area will also help with sales. Cathy good luck with your shifts. Caroline what's going on? Are the students comments regarding the new kitchen based on location (is it that much closer for them) or variety of food. Something sound a little bit puzzling. I am really excited about Thursday. I get to see you in action and check out the operation. Working with you (oh, sorry for you- boss lady) is a bonus.

Well, I think that's all for me. Will keep you posted on my goals. I will add 4 days to my orig 21 days to make up for sick time! (lol)

This past Wednesday I facilitate the introductory session of our churches Ladies Evening Bible study. We had 23 women come! There are another 3 who are signed up but were unable to come for one reason or another. Also I know of another women who will be joining us as of next week. We are about to embark on a 21 week series called Living Beyond Ourselves. It is a Beth Moore study and anyone familiar with her work will appreciate why the study is so popular. She is a dynamic speaker and very relevant to what most of us are living through. I am excited about where Gods plans to take me during this study. I don't know where you find the time and energy for all of this but I admire you for doing it. God is happy to have you on his side. He knows that you get into what you do and that you get more done in one day then most of us do. Keep up the good work.

Later all. Feel better Cathy and good luck with the shifts.

Well it is 7:23 AM on Friday and I need to leave for work in five minutes so have a great day everyone.

This weekend will be another busy one, what else is knew? We have a 75th Surprise Birthday Party planned for my dad with 50 of his closes family members. I hope that he enjoys it. We have told him that we are going out for dinner as a family that night just my dad and his three daughters and our families. That is already 13 people. I told him what time to be ready and he told me that he wasn't coming because he wants us to stay home or go to his place and have some pasta with broccoli. He doesn't want us to spend money on a dinner. He said that he will only come if we let him treat all of us s0 I said sure you can treat (lol). Then he told me that because he is treating we can't eat too much only Little Miss Sunshine is allowed to have as much as she wants. Haven't I learned from the past that surprise parties sometimes don't go exactly like they are suppose to (my ten year anniversary, Mr Sunshine refused to renew our vows, so the priest gave a blessing instead). It was stressful but I still enjoyed it very much. I hope that my dad enjoys his special day.

On Sunday we will be working on the family room because the gas fireplace is scheduled to come in next weekend. Wish me luck. I hope that our helper shows up and stays for a change.
Also Teen Sunshine has play practice on Sunday for 6 hours (this must be one amazing play).

Little Miss Sunshine had her softball school tournament yesterday in the cold and rainy weather. The kids had a great time, they ended up going to the semi finals and they came in third place. It was her first involvement in a school team sport and she really enjoyed it. We were there from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. When I went back to the school to sign her out the secretary informed her and her class mate that her class was in the gym silly stringing the Vice Principal because he just found out that he was being relocated as of next Tuesday and we are getting someone new on a full time basis. (I don't understand that school board sometimes. He is working part time at two schools and was hoping to become full time at ours, Why move him and bring someone else in? Apparentelly he was informed by the school board at lunch time and was told that it would be his last day with us. He wanted to be able to say goodbye so he agreed to let Monday be his last day instead of Friday. I wish that he was staying, because we all love him). Well they went to the gym but the silly stringing was over. They were both disappointed. She had a frown on her face for the next hour or so. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she will miss Mr. G. and she really wanted to be part of the silly stringing. Her class and 3 other classes were chosen because they had raised the most money for the Terry Fox Run. Mr. G. just found out about his new post change today. So all of this was very unplanned. I told her not to be disappointed and asked her which she would rather have participated in the softball tournament or silly stringing the Vice Principal. She looked at me all sad and said both. She then asked if she could silly string her grandfather for he 75th Birthday party on Saturday. I'll have to think about that. Maybe I'll let her silly string her father one day this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone

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  1. Good Afternoon Ladies
    Well my walking has been less this week. I missed two days one I put up all my fall decorations that took me 5 hours. Yes I have a lot of decorations. And today there is a lot going on in my building all fun stuff plus it is raining.
    Cathy I think the best thing to do when you are sick is to rest, save your streangth to fight the bug. Once you are well start the exercise again.
    Carolin keep plugging away at the cafe it WILL come together. How are the coolies selling.
    Love You All