Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dancing with the stars week#4

It was a very entertaining evening. My favourite once again was Maya. Although I really like Louie, his performance was not the best.

I really enjoyed Shakira. She performed two songs on the results show.

Eliminated on Wednesday night was Chuck Liddell. I was sorry to see him go. He isn't the best dancer but he is very entertaining and he is certainly not the worst dancer.

Tune in next week,


  1. What about Donny??? How did he do? I bet he was the best, right????

  2. Cathy, Donny did really well. You shoudl watch him I really think that you would enjoy it. I know that you are watching another show at the same time but if you want I can call you just before Donny comes on. It is no big deal as I am already watchin the show. Let me know.