Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Great Dinner

Went to the farmer's market today. Met Carolin there. I love going to the market as you will always bump into someone you know and it feels so small town! We bought our produce for the week: eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, green onions, pototoes, garlic, onions, cremini mushrooms, strawberries, peaches and hubby bought some pastries as a treat for the boys. So, what to make for dinner?

I washed and tossed the lettuce into a big bowl. I roasted a red, yellow and orange pepper that I still had from last week. I grilled 4 mushrooms. I diced some red onion, ( also from last week ). I toasted some pine nuts ( yummy! ). Tomatoes were sliced and for the best part..... sea scallops! I purchased 10 sea scallops from the grocery store. I made a dry rub of spanish smoked paprika, freshly ground sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. I then added some seasoned bread crumbs and mixed it all together. I took my big black glorious cast iron skillet and placed it on my gas stove. Heated the pan and added some extra virgin olive oil. Then dipped the scallops, one at a time into the seasoning mix, only on the top and bottom. Placed them sizzling into the skillet and waited for two minutes before turning them to finish cooking them on the other side. After another two minutes I took the scallops off the heat to rest and then I started to plate dinner.

It was so good! We ate this salad with some potato rosti that hubby made along with a very nice spanish red wine!

Definitely, a make again!!!


  1. Love the Farmer's Market...we go every weekend! Those scallops look fabulous, dawling!

  2. Thanks! Took a page out of your book regarding making a meal and talking about it. Finally, this one was worth sharing.....yummy!

  3. Cathy I felt as though I was listening to a gorumet chef talk about assembling her dish. I could actually smell the sweet aromas comming from your kitchen. If we still lived close to each other I'm sure that I would have knocked on your door and tryed to convince you to bring some over. It sound so delicious and I don't even eat scallops.

  4. The dish looks great in the picture but I don't even know what a scallop is unless it is potatoes!