Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not just another typical Friday night (part #2)

I hope that you all recall Carolin's post about her daughter being home alone and being spooked by someone with a hood peering into her living room window at about 10:00 pm. Well Carolin has asked my to write about my involvement that evening in hopes that it may help someone in the future.

Well on that Friday evening, my kids were actually at a sleep over and Mr. Sunshine and I had rented some movies. Louise had also called that night to see if I wanted to go and watch a movie with her and I had said that I could not. I had just finished preparing dinner and we had rented tow movies and I was settled in (sorry Louise but in hind sight, it was a good thing that I was home after all).

The phone rang at a little after 10:00pm and it was Carolin's teenager on the phone. She was sobbing and she was frightened and from what I could gather there was someone at her window who she did not know and he was staring at her. I had spoken to Caroline earlier that day and I was aware that she was gone at the cottage and her husband was working late. I told the teenager that we would be right over. I asked her to call me on my cell phone. She called and I was getting into the car and asking her to go into a room in the house that had a lock on the door and remain on the phone with me. Mr Sunshine grabbed a bat and some golf clubs and we headed on over. We only live about 5 minutes away or so.

As I tried to console the teenager, Mr. Sunshine got on his cell phone with the 911 operator and explained the situation. The operator asked us not to enter the neighbourhood in hopes that the police could apprehend the suspect upon arrival without us scaring them away. She explained that the police had already been dispatched and then through Mr. Sunshine she relayed a message to me to let the teenager know that she was going to call the house and stay on the phone with her until the police arrived. I relayed the message to the teenager and hung up my cell phone.

We arrived at the street connecting the teenagers street and waited. Within minutes we saw a police car whiz by. They had gone too far and passed the entrence to the subdivision. Mr. Sunshine asked if we should go follow them. I said that I was sure that they had GPS and would be right back. Seconds later the police car turned into the subdivision. He stopped outside of the teenagers street and spoke to someone in another vehicle which I assume was an unmarked police car. They entered the neighbourhood one behind the other. The officer in the Police car immediately got out of his car and started searching the front of the house with his flash light. At this point we drove in beside him to inform him that he was searching the wrong house. He asked if we were the ones who called it in and we said yes. He went towards the front door of the house. I could hear through his radio the 911 dispatcher and the Police officer communicating. He let her know that he was at the front door. I could hear the dispatcher tell the officer that she had instructed the teenager to come to the front door and that the officer would meet her at the door. Within seconds the teenager appeared at the door.

The police officer questioned her about the suspect, what did he look like, what was he wearing, how tall was he, were was he standing, where did she last see him. He then proceeded to tell us that he was going to take a look around the house both front and back. At this point Mr. Sunshine stayed at the front of the house watching the doorway and the street, The Police officer went around the back of the house and I went inside with the teenager.

She was really shaken up. She was trembling and frightened. I immediately started closing all of the windows and blinds and asked her if she would come home with us. She said OK and I asked her to start to pack a bag. The police officer entered the home and asked us to lock all doors and windows and pull down all of the blinds. Myself and the officer checked all rooms and all points of entry into the home and everything was clear. He asked the teenager if she had someone who could come and stay with her. I said that I would rather take her home with he, he said even better. At that point Carolin called and spoke to the teenager, the police officer and myself.

We locked everything up and headed for my home. I found it interesting that the teenager took a bag with her and her guitar. I asked her if she brought the guitar because she was going to play it or because she was afraid of it being stolen. She said both.

We arrived home and set the teenager up with a place to sleep. She then had a bowl of cereal and we both had a cup of tea. It took a while before she was back to her self again. We watched a movie and as I saw her cuddling up with a blanket and her eyes closing I said good night and left her to sleep.

It was a stressful evening but because of the teenagers quick thinking, everything was OK.


  1. Thanks for post your version Sunshine. What I found interesting was the 911 dispatcher, that she kept the teenager on the phone while also talking to the police officer. So that at all times there was a line of communication. Also it was eye opening that she (dispatcher) had you stay out of the neighborhood as hard as it was. Just incase the stalker was still around. Smart thinking and I don't know how you did it cause I would of just wanted to run to the house. After that weekend, I spent some time talking to the teenager and explained why it is important to close and lock everything. I guess if Mom or Dad does that everyday it doesn't enter a teenagers mind. Also for a lot of teenager they feel we as parents are over protective and nothing is going to happen to them. We have had many a discussion on her walking/biking when it is dark outside, where to jog and where not to jog. Who to ask for help and who not to. I prey that this scare did wake her up to the fact that most people are good there is and always will be a small fraction of people that do not have her best interest at heart. And because we can't tell who is going to help us or want to take advantage of us we need to be on guard and take proper precautions.

    Thanks for being there Mr. & Mrs. Sunshine!

  2. The best part of of this bad situation is their was one bad person and many good people. Police, 911, Mr. & Mrs Sunshine, their childrens friend where they slept over, Carolin, her friends at the cottage to lend there suport and last but not lest The Teenager She knows she is surounder with a network of people that care and they will come to her rescue at a moments notice Priceless!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You All

  3. Even though I know all this and I know it all turned out ok, I still find I get butterflies and goosebumps just reading about it again. I am so glad we did not all move so far apart from each other that we can still be 'there' at a moments notice!