Monday, August 10, 2009

Gardens Gone Wild

I haven't blogged about my garden lately, and I know you are all waiting with baited breath for new pictures and my prose on gardening, so here it goes.

The vegetable garden is pretty well out of control. Everything is growing like crazy and I cant seem to keep up with it. I was out there having a look today after the wicked thunderstorm we had last night and 4 of the tomatoes plants, cages and all are laying sideways. I can't find the swiss chard cause the tomatoes plants are so big. The brussel sprouts are huge but I don't see a brussel anywhere.

My first question for all you experts is, do I have to do anything with the brussel sprouts, someone one mentioned that I need to cover them at night to keep the humidity in? When do brussel sprouts start to brussel?

My tomato plants are massive but I did notice that some of the leaves are yellow with black spots on them. I was going to cut off all the yellow leaves but the ground is to messy right now.

I did take off the bottom half of the Sunflower plants leaves hoping to get more sunlight on the plants growing below them. Everyday I can go out and pick a handful of peas but they too have grown close to 6 feet high and are now flopping over each other.

I haven't been able to work on another flower bed like I had hoped before I left for camp. Remember I was going to dig it up and replant and move some stuff around. Just give it a good cleaning up. But since I hurt my ankle (still swollen three weeks later) I don't have the strength in that foot for heavy digging, even standing on it for any length of time hurts.

Good news I just asked the teenager and she has agreed to help me tomorrow morning at 9:00 am to dig up one of the gardens. I better set my alarm clock!

My Lupin is looking pretty sad right now. It looked great in May when it was in full bloom but now the leaves are black and yellow and not so good. I cut off some of the worst ones and can't honestly remember if the lupin did this last year or not. Have a look at the picture and tell me should I be concerned?

As I look out the window at the back garden there seems to be so much to do, and the storm we had last night hasn't helped matters as the badminton net has been blown down and we now have a patio umbrella in the back garden under the spruce trees that must of flown over a fence or maybe Mary Poppins has come to stay with us (yippee!). The radio announcers says we are expecting another storm soon. I can tell a storm is coming because of the thick humidity. Yesterday when I opened the front door to let a friend in the big mirror we have between the storm doors and front doors all steamed up like a bathroom mirror after a shower. Right now the sun is shinning (calm before the storm) but you can't breath outside it is so thick with humidity. This morning while doing some errands the little one complained she was having a hard time breathing (she has asthma) and like the good mom I am of course I didn't bring the meds with us. Good thing Mary Poppins is around somewhere to help fix our family. I wonder does she garden too?


  1. Your Garden has got away from you. When I was there last week I noticed how very tall everything was. I didn't notice much veggie growth but lots of leave growth. So yes go ahead and cut some leaves. Your herb are gigantic. The sage on the chicken was fabulous or was it rosemary. You have enough of it to use everyday so go ahead and use it. All this coming from a Apt. dwealer.
    Love You

  2. You have an incredible garden. Those cherry tomatoes look so good. Enjoy the fruits of your labour.