Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday on the bench

So here we are, Friday morning at Sunshine’s home. All the kids are here and in the backyard. These kids have known each other since they were born and right now they are each facing a different direction reading books or day dreaming. Well, here we are a few hours later and as I predicted if we must, leave them all alone they will end up interacting.

Sunshine is busy cooking. She is making pastry for a quiche and is now making crumble for a crust. She only had two eggs left. (who cares!) Sunshine and Carolin are making me laugh. Carolin is bugging Sunshine and Sunshine is feeling ‘hot’. (I guess we will have to move to a private room) HOLD ON EVERYONE, I AM HOT BECAUSE I AM COOKING OVER A HOT STOVE! We keep telling Carolin that we are starting menopause, but Carolin says we are crazy! She says we are thinking old thoughts. Sunshine says she is so hot now and would someone please get her a glass of water with ice. I say if you keep talking about menopause and looking for signs, then it's gonna happen. Not me, keep that menocrap away from me.
Now Carolin is saying if Sunshine went to the doctor to confirm menopause the doctor would tell her to lose weight. She also went on to say that being skinny does not mean that you are healthy! You still need to eat right and exercise...exercise...exercise! Sounds easy, right!
Carolin is now looking though the flyer's and this weekend is 200 points at ‘Shoppers Drug Mart’. Now Carolin is discussing a possible trip to Las Vegas sometime this fall. She is trying to arrange where her kids will stay. Carolin needs to shut up!

Carolin’s teenager has left the building to go home.

So back to Shoppers Drug Mart, this weekend Saturday and Sunday August 8 & 9, if you redeem 75,000 points you normally get $150.00 towards anything in the store. But for this weekend only you get $200.00 worth of product. Since SDM is my favourite store, you know I am shopping this weekend! So what to talk about, Sunshine has been cooking up a storm and her oldest daughter is doing all the cleaning. I could get very used to this kind of living especially after having a house full of company for 4 days.

My mother, sister, sister's better half, and two of their combined 7 children stayed with us. As usual it was great seeing everybody, laughing, but tiring having even more company each day as friends and family wanted to see them. I wonder if there are other families like mine where all the siblings live in a different provinces and see each other only once every year or two.
Well, it could be worse, you could live around the corner from each other and still only see each other twice a year. The great thing about Facebook is we can talk regularly and share pictures. Cathy mentioned earlier that the husband and I are considering going to Vegas the end of September. We talked about it with my sister as it is her 40th birthday and Van Diesel's (her man) birthday so we thought we might go together to Vegas for a few days to celebrate. This all hinges on me not pissing Sunshine off too much so she will be willing to take my kids for the 4 days. That is going to be quite a feat for Caroline I look forward to totally MILKING that as much as I can.

Well Carolin thinks that she is so not growing old but she is telling us the exact same story that she told us a week ago. There is land texting now. You can have a blackberry and text to a number and it will send a voice message to the person that you are calling. Wow what amazing technology. Are we becoming anti-social. Maybe that is why Cathy is complaining about our children not interacting. With all of this technology maybe our children will not know how to talk to each other if it's on a face to face basis. They may only be able to talk through texting.

Another short chapter of Camille is on its way. Sorry that we have not been so diligent with our blogging but it is summer and we are very busy. I have told the ladies that you are also busy and don't have time to read and interact with us as much during the summer hours.

Its such a great day outside and the kids are in the pool and we should join them. My bougainvillea is blooming a little bit, it is so pretty but my mother in law tells me that I should be fertilizing it more. Well after being at her house last weekend I was so embarrassed with my puny little blooms. She must have about 500 blooms on her bougainvillea tree and I only have about 20 or so. Long story short, I will be fertilizing more often.

Well I have to thank my wonderful daughter, she must have caught the cleaning bug because she has been cleaning for for two days now and I so very grateful. So thanks so much to MISS TEEN SUNSHINE FOR ALL OF HER HELP. Little Miss Sunshine is in the pool and Mr Sunshine is at work.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. Carolin, I would like for you to make me a banana cream pie. That is your first task for the month of August.(ha, ha, ha)

  2. Hello ladies
    Sounds like you had a good Thursday.
    Louise must be working.
    Yes we did desend on Carolin last week and she looked after us quite well. She made a fabulous spare ribs dish in the crock pot. It tasted great.
    It would suit me much better if Carolin's
    sister lived closer. This once a year visit is not enough for me however it was great seeing my two girls.
    Mr. Van Diesel No way at all.
    Be good to each other love you