Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Reminder that Life is Short

I just found out that one of my neighbour's son committed suicide last week Saturday night. They had no idea. They never saw it coming. With hindsight, maybe they will recognize a few warning signs but, that doesn't help with the now. I thought something was up. Last week Sunday, as my cousins, their children and my family were having a noisy, ( lot's of reggae music ) get together, my neighbours had just found out what had happened with their only son. All this past week, family members kept arriving at their home. Flowers were being delivered.

Today, I was told. I had no words. There is absolutely nothing that can be said that makes any sense. I did say I was sorry and offered any help requested.

This again serves as a wake up notice that life is unpredictable and short. I hope and pray God will grant them peace.


  1. I am so sorry for their loss. Somethings in life are so senseless. May God be with him and his loved ones.

  2. While it hasn't been confirmed, the recent passing of my first love is rumoured to have been suicide as is sad and senseless and unfortunately, no one will ever know why. My thoughts are to the family, at this most difficult and inconceivable time.

  3. There are times in this world where the heart ache is so horribly painful we wonder why we are still here. Sadness can totally take over all our emotions and taking just one more breath is just to hard. What is it that makes some hold on in the midst of complete isolation. When it is all said and done, in the small hours of the night, all we have is ourself.
    Reach out and hug someone today! Mean it as if it could be the last hug you give.

  4. There is no explanation that can ever reduce the pain. I was in Cathy's backyard that Sunday feeling a bit sorry for myself that my kids could not be there due to other committments. In hindsight just knowing that they were out enjoying life puts 'life' into perspective. Thanks for sharing, Cathy.