Friday, August 13, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Some people think of Friday the 13th as an unlucky day. I disagree. To me it's a special day which occurs infrequently and good things happen. I consider it a good luck day. So, to all of my friends out there: have a grand Friday the 13th! (Sunshine) Did you know that for Italians 13 is actually a very lucky number?

Another week has passed and I have only had an e-mail from Louise. She was checking on my mom, (who is still doing great!) and commiserating with me on my additional weight! I will conquer it! My girlfriend, Carol, who lives in Calgary is coming out to visit in October. She is a runner and runs marathons. She is signed up for the Toronto marathon this year! She is doing really well and I can't wait to see her. It's been years since we have actually seen each other in person. You are going to have so much fun catching up.

I have to call Sunshine and see how she is feeling. I really, really hope she had a better week this week. It can be a vicious circle when you feel down and depressed and it takes a lot of inner strength to battle it! I know Sunshine and I know she will be successful! Its been a much better week. I hope that your mom is still doing great.

Mom and my sister and I went to the mall this past Tuesday to by a fall/spring wardrobe for my sister who's a teacher. Let me tell you we had a great time! We ended up in, "Reitmans" and purchased everything there! Carolin, you would be proud as we had $125.00 worth of coupons! Before the coupons the bill was $499.00 plus tax. Then they applied a 20pct discount to it all, (there's a sale on now), and then applied the coupons. What a deal! I did manage to get a sweater out of the day. As I wear a uniform to work my wardrobe tends to be thin as I rarely wear anything out. I do get tired of looking at it though, lol!

Once last thing. I am on VACATION! For a month! Enough said! Happy Vacation Cathy!!!!

It has been a very busy week. My dad had his angiogram and they did not find any significant blockage which is great news. We need to speak to the cardiologist next week to find out why the pain in his chest is still there. He could not stay home alone for the fist 24 hours so we finally convinced him to come to my house. He was here all week and went home last night. We were all hoping that he would stay until the weekend was over but he really wanted to get back to his own place. I hope that he takes it easy and takes care of himself. He needs to rest and take it easy for at least another week or so. It was great having him over. It kept me busy and feeling good and the house was always filled with people visiting him. All of the grand children rallied around him all day long and they helped keep an eye on him. I had some appointments that I had to keep and anytime I needed to go somewhere, there were always at least two grandchildren watching over him. He is a lucky man and we are lucky to have him.

Cake decorating Level 1 is complete. We finished it last night and we really learned a lot. Little Miss Sunshine loved it and her final cake is very impressive. There are still two more levels to complete sometime in the future. Miss Teen Sunshine started physiotherapy for her ankle last week and she has to go twice a week for the next month. I really hope that it helps to heal the ankle. She also has an appointment at the hospital on Monday for the broken finger and an appointment on Wednesday with a Naturopth. I am hoping that someone can give us some help to make those bones a little bit stronger if possible. That's about all for now. I hope that everyone is doing well. Summer is flying by and everyday in my day timer seems to be double booked. How is that possible? Well school and work will resume soon. Cathy is our get together in September still a go? (Don't be mad at me asking, I just thought that I would confirm). Yes, yes, yes it is! Still on the Sunday of Labour Day weekend, :)!

(Carolin) Being Friday the 13th I have seen numerous motorcycles out and about. My sister is in Toronto visiting from Calgary and her and Mom drove out to camp for a visit yesterday. I then took them to Picton for a walk around and something to eat. I left the Devo in charge at camp. She is 17 and has been working with me all summer. The 3 kitchen staff this week were excited to be on their own. We prepped everything and went over the dinner menu a few times. I am confident all went well.

Glad you had fun shopping Cathy. Rietman's is my favorite store for clothes. I always find comfortable nice stuff there.One more week of camp to go then I can sleep in my own bed again for a day or two before I am gone again.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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