Monday, August 23, 2010

September - The Start of Our Fiscal Year

(Cathy) I am sitting here looking out upon this cool, rainy day. I find myself using the time to plan the next few weeks. It's funny because as much as I look forward to the Labour Day Weekend, (as it will be the first time all summer that we ladies will be together with our families), it signifies the end of summer. When you think about it, growing up in Canada our personal fiscal year is September to September. Even when I speak with people who do not have children in school, they will still comment that September is the start.
We have two more weeks to get in all that we want before summer ends. Summer doesn't officially end until September 21st. We can still have amazing weather up until fall, but, once school starts it's plan, plan, plan. First up, Thanksgiving; next is Christmas!!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


  1. Christmas?!?! We're talking about Christmas already???? Yikes!!!

    Fingers crossed that October (17th, to be exact) sees a nice crisp, but not cold, overcast, but not rainy, fall day. That will make the marathon worth it. Oh, and seeing you and the family again!

  2. Still on vacation so don´t be talking about Christmas yet. By the way benchers the Dominican is great!

  3. HEY THERE!!! How's the beach? You picked a good week to go away as it's been cold here. Bring back the heat, please!!!