Friday, August 20, 2010

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Well, I wonder how everyone is doing. Its been same old same old around here with a little touch of busy and fun with Little Miss Sunshine reading every word as I type. We had visitors from Italy, my cousin and his wife who just left on Wednesday evening so we have been spending some time practicing our Italian Language. Somehow, somewhere, I have caught a mysterious summer cold. I am so congested that my head is aching so I am resting and being very quiet trying to shake it off before my busy weekend begins. We have a dinner dance on Saturday night with all of my family. My dad really wants us all to be there. I haven't been to anything like that since I was a kid. What do I even wear to something like that? Oh well, it should be a fun night. Then on Sunday we have my niece's birthday party. Mr Sunshine is on vacation for the next two weeks starting on Tuesday. We have some appointments on certain days and we are arranging a trip to Pennsylvania for a couple of days before school starts and before Cathy's big get together.(Cathy - I can't wait to get us all together again!) Little Miss Sunshine had built a huge fort out of a great box that is taking up all of the spare bedroom(computer room). I have not even been able to get on the computer as there is no room, I had to squeeze in for this post. She is also anxiously waiting for a new episode of, "Sunny With A Chance," that will premier tonight. Oops, too much TV watching while mummy is sick and spending most of the day sleeping. It is sweet how well she takes care of me and gives me lots of hugs and kisses even though I keep telling her that she has to be careful because I don't want her to get sick (there goes anther kiss as she is reading this). Miss Teen Sunshine has been busy with two physiotherapy appointments a week, the Naturopath appointment, and her music lesson this week. She has exercises that she had to do for her ankle daily. Amongst the dinners with, "The Italian People." as she calls them and everything else going on, her favourite thing to do is read, read read. Well that's all for now.
(Cathy)Here I was thinking I was the only one who was sick. I too am suffering with a terrible summer head cold. My head feels like it's going to fly off of my head at any moment. I am stuffed up, coughing and miserable! Remember, I am on vacation!!! I was at the doctor's with our older one and she just said it's a virus and could possible last up to three weeks. I am on week one of my four week vacation. I am trying really hard not to let this get in the way.
So, what else is new. I have good news!!! Hubby will be back in town with a new job starting in two weeks! Yeah!
Our older son has his first job interview on Sunday. We are keeping our fingers crossed. It's at a pool with the city. It would make for a good part time job while he is still in school. Our younger son is doing odd jobs with a friend of ours. He wants to earn enough money to purchase a hammock tent. That's right, it's a tent that you strap between two trees and sleep in it.
Tomorrow, we are having a family get together at our home as my aunt and uncle are visiting from Jamaica. It's a good time for my mom to get together with all of her siblings. I hope it doesn't rain so we can be outside with all of the kids. So far the weather is sounding good.
Is anyone going to the Ex?
I am coming home!

I hope that everyone is doing well. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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