Monday, August 9, 2010

3D Television

Cathy here,

Just a thought. I was hearing the add on the radio for the new dance movie coming out in 3D. Just how long do you think it will take before 3D televisions are common in everyone's home? As the technology races along, will we still have to wear the special glasses?


  1. No special glasses required in the future, at least I don't think so because that would be ridicules to wear your glasses everytime you watch tv in your family room. I do think that as the technology evolves that it will become mainstream.

  2. I just saw a 3D tv at BestBuy, and you have to buy these funky looking glasses. The quality was amazing, and the price astronomical!

  3. Hi Angie, thanks for stopping by! Do you really have to by the 3D glasses separate? Why would they not be included with the tv? Just costs more that way.