Friday, June 24, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

OK, I'm back! I seem to have been absent from our blog for almost two weeks! I was told today by both Carolin and Sunshine that I had better get back on track and back to blogging! Well, I think I did make two posts about my all too short strike! (an interesting experience which I hope I never have to repeat!). I also remember making a comment on another post. (Sunshine) Yes Cathy, but you were MIA on our Fridays Cathy Up posts. I am happy that you are back.

So, today Sunshine invited both Carolin and myself over for brunch. It was lovely. Both Sunshine and Carolin made quiche and there was salad and sauteed mushrooms and spanokopita. Sunshine made a cracker cake. (you will have to wait for her to tell you about it). I thought we might have had time to blog, however, we just spent our time enjoying each others company. Miss Teen Sunshine also joined us. I promised to set up and blog when I came home. I got all caught up in house work and laundry and philosophical discussions with my older son. It was great to see you girls. We are always so busy with kids, jobs, family and lives so its nice to try and squeeze in a little time for each other. Now to the cracker cake. It is made with alternating layers of unsalted soda crackers, vanilla pudding and whipping cream. On the very top layer you would put on your favourite pie filling. I am not fond of pie filling as I find it too sweet so I just layered on fresh strawberries. Then you put it in the fridge, ideally over night so that it gets cold and every thing sets. Its easy and tasty. (Carolin) It was good but I had this feeling the whole time that I should have a bowl of soup to go with my crackers.

Here is a report on my Twenty One Days...... my back still hurts! I find this very annoying as I miss the good feelings from working out. I am trying not to be stupid and am taking my time by easing my way back to my exercise routine. I am sorry that you are in such pain Cathy. (I don't really know how I changed the font but I like it). Once again Sunshine you clicked on the 'i' button at the top of blog beside the 'b' and the font colour pallet.

On a last note about my picketing experience, I think I am finally free from my mind reminding me of the songs, chants and car horns of solidarity! We saw bits of our tentative agreement and it is not a pretty sight! I am not sure what is going to happen. What I do know is this present federal government has set a precedent with worker across our nation. We have no rights! Workers no longer have the right to fair and just bargaining as companies can just sit and wait for the back to work legislation! I fear for the loss of the middle class! That really doesn't sound good at all. I think it is wrong that you where ordered back to work by the government. You are not an essential service. And if the company is loosing money cause you are not working then shouldn't that be a incentive to get back to bargaining. You all know I am not a big union fan but there are times when they are necessary to protect workers and the governments heavy handiness lately with unions (which is ultimately voters) will end up backfiring on them.

Well it has been my first week off of work and I really need a relaxing day. All week has been busier then ever. I am been cleaning and reorganizing the closets. Wow, what a job. Then there has been soccer games, exams and catching up with various friends. Next week is starting to fill up and be busier then this week. I guess better busy then having nothing to do. I don't know,I think there something to be said to having a day of not going or doing anything.

I too have been off work this week but just as Sunshine the week has been busy with this and that. I went out on Tuesday with a friend to drive around and look at houses as her family is planning to move. We saw some very nice big in your face houses as her house buying budget is 1.5 - 2 million dollars!! It was hard for me as I drove her around to different neighborhoods as all I could think was really? REALLY???? A family of 4 needs 4 - 5000 square feet house, and to spend that much money. Yes I agree having a nice home is a good thing but couldn't you buy something under 1000,000.00 and use the rest to benefit others. I guess I think what ever I want as I don't think I will ever afford that amount for a house or really anything.

I left Sunshine's and then headed over to school as today is the last day of school for the little one. Also it is the last day of her elementary school days. Next September she starts grade six and junior high. In the elementary division they have this last day of school tradition in which all the kids board the school buses (regardless if you take the bus or not), some of the buses are decorated with flags and streamers. Then the drivers circle the parking lot 4-5 times honking there horns as the kids sing and cheer the last day of school. Parents and school staff are all out side waving and laughing. It brings a tear to my eye every year. And this one is our last bus circle. Bloggers do you know of any other schools that do something special like this? I have asked the staff how this tradition started but know one really knows it just has always been.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!!!!

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