Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Two on Strike

This is quite the education. I have always liked people watching, (must be why I work in customer service), and boy, are people interesting! Give someone a megaphone and a whistle and a star is born! The day started out quite cool so the constant walking around, and around, and around, (you get the picture) kept us warm until the sun came up. Colleagues are showing talent in keeping people upbeat and motivated with song and dance. Today the drums came out.

I must say that the public have been great! Thank-you all for your continued support! Everyone is polite and wishing us luck with our issues. We were also joined by colleagues from the other unions and even employees from other companies!

The decision by the Conservative government to legislate us back could be precedent setting and I think that many labour groups are seeing what could happen to them.

I forgot to wear my pedometer today. I wonder how many steps I took. I know I'm not taking any more as I am permanently glued to the couch and quickly falling asleep. Three o'clock in the morning is obscene!


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