Friday, June 17, 2011

Catch up Fridays

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Cathy, Happy Birthday to you.................Hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable birthday Cathy.

(Sunshine) What a crazy week. I am so glad that the weekend is finally here. Work has been busy. We are finally done but the extra cleaning has made things extra busy. Little Miss Sunshine has soccer two nights a week and Mr Sunshine has just returned from his week long trip to Philadelphia. I had my Food Handling training course today. It was held in down town Toronto from 9:00am to 3:30pm. There was so much information and a lengthily test at the end which will be marked by an independent group and I suppose we will be notified with the results at a later date. It was like taking tests from when we were in school. We had the booklet and a separate answer sheet where we had to shade in the correct answer. I hope that I did ok. Most of it was common sense and things that I already knew but there were some tricky questions in there as well. Some of the ladies there could not read or wright English. It must have been very challenging for them. I did see one of the instructors reading the questions for one of the ladies and asking for the her answer and shading it in for her.

This weekend is also jam packed. Off to Ancaster for Fathers Day Celebration with Mr Sunshine's side of the family tomorrow morning bright and early. Oh yes I almost forgot I have to make sushi in the morning before we leave at 8:00am. Then at 2:00 little Miss Sunshine has a birthday party back in our area and Miss Teen Sunshine starts work at 3:30. While we are in the area we will pick up Dad and back to our house for Fathers Day Celebration with my side of the family. I think that I will make beef bourginion. Pick up Little Miss Sunshine at 5:00 from the party and pick up Miss Teen Sunshine at 12:30 from work and drop dad and his girlfriend back off again..

Sunday is breakfast and then take Miss Teen Sunshine to work and Mr Sunshine and Little Miss Sunshine are off to the MMVA's. She is so excited as they are being hosted by Celina Gomez. Let me see who else is performing, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and many others. I guess that while they are having fun I will be doing house work and picking up Miss Teen Sunshine at work. The good thing about all of this is that I am off on Monday. Work has officially ended for the season and I am on summer vacation, Yay!!!!!(Carolin) Are you frigging nuts Sunshine, my word, I am exhausted just reading this.

I too am finished work for the summer. I have a few loose ends to finish up but I don't need to be at the school all day. I am with you Sunshine about the extra work cleaning the kitchen, ovens extra. I was on my own this week as the high school students are on exams. But even with them gone I was busy enough and happy with the sales as they were higher then expected.

I have one week to myself before the little one is finished school for the summer. I have a few meeting to attend, house to clean, and really hoping I can go out for lunch with my blogging girls. ???

Guess what I bought at the Personal Passion bridal shower last weekend? Come on guess? No it was not any of the numerous sex 'toys'. Oh my goodness I saw things I never new existed, I learned things about others that I never wanted to know. Really is this the new bridal shower. Know wonder I am not much of a fan of showers. So I did buy something (kinda felt like I had to and even though I brought a gift I still felt pressured to donate $ towards what the bride wanted) Any way I bought body oil mist, wow am I ever kinky or what. The consultant says this mist is full of pheromones that will attract the opposite sex and make them do what ever I want. So my thought is to wear this mist next year at school and the high school boys (and hopefully girls) will constantly want to buy food from me but not really know why. Hope it works or I am out $25.00 bucks.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the WONDERFUL DADS!!!!!!!

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