Friday, July 1, 2011

Catch Up Fridays


Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope it's a safe weekend for one and all!!! 144 years young!.

School's out for summer! I can hear Alice Cooper singing as I type this! I know we keep saying this - but time really flies by too fast! If I see one back to school sign in any store I think I will scream! I picked up the little ones report card today. She did well now that we have an official IEP. Her Junior High teachers left us with the three novels they would be reading this coming year for us to read ahead. Also today I picked up a grade 5 math review book. I am hoping to work with her an hour a day and maybe just maybe she will remember some of what she has been taught this past year. (Sunshine) It sounds like it will be a good year for the little one.

On another note, I really must try to make pie crust. Both Carolin and Sunshine make their own crust and I have a pie plate and many ideas, I just now need to take the next step. I love chicken pot pie and apple pie and quiche. All of it is fattening and here I am trying to lose weight. My back is still not healed. I think it's ok so I go and garden and bingo it starts hurting again. You go to Bingo? I really, really do not like this. Hubby says I should go to the doctor. What will he say.... "take it easy and take "whatever" for the pain". I will just take it a little at a time. I agree with Hubby. At least get it checked out so that you know what you are dealing with. Physio may help as well, you never know. Feel better.

What are everyone's plans for the summer? Hey Ladies, just remember, our standing invite on the Sunday of Labour Day weekend!!!!!!! Maybe, I'll make pie!!! Please spend the summer practicing I don't want to try to eat your first attempt. Making pie crust was a very scary thing for me but then Carolin showed me how easy it is, and tasty too. Cathy, you too can feel like a world class pastry chef once you follow her directions and make your first pie crust. Good Luck!

(Carolin)What is everyone elses' plans for Canada Day? I am catering an event on Canada Day. I am making dinner for Alvin Slaughter http:// http://%20http// and his crew as well for Devine Worship http://http// These two entertainers are preforming at the Canada Day Celebrations here is town. The big BBQ/Party is being held at the school grounds where I work. The Husband is working the whole weekend (surprise NOT) so the little one will be with me. KD, Gonzo (thought she doesn't know it) and Romeo have all agreed to watch her if I promise to save them some Strawberry Shortcake. Wow, that is so cool. Carolin, you have built a name for yourself and you are obviously very successful. I may even see you on tv one day.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Sunshine!!! Hope you're home! Yes, he has the weekend off. On Canada day we just hung out and did nothing just as he wanted to, but then he decided that he wanted to walk to Wonderland to pick up Miss Teen Sunshine because he said that he wanted to accomplish something and he wants to run a marathon in the fall. So off he went. He left at about 2:30 in the afternoon and finally at about 5:45 he called and asked to be picked up as he had numerous blisters on both feet. We went to get him and boy he had walked a really long way along uneven ground with no side walks and against a lot of traffic. Anyway we picked him up near Rutherford and Islington. Then the next day, he could hardly walk so we were around the house all day. Swimming and relaxing, works for me. Now this morning he is still limping but he must be feeling better because he is planning the day. Enjoy everyone, its suppose to be a beautiful Sunday.

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  1. Happy Canada everyone!

    Cathy - seek professional help...regarding your back, of course! Go to a chiro or physio that specialize in sports medicine. They won't tell you to take it easy, they'll help you get back to where you want to be.

    Sunshine - tell hubs if he wants to complete a marathon in the fall, the "go big or go home" method won't work! I HIGHLY recommened joining a clinic, such as the Running Room, where you will learn about injuries, setting goals, pacing, speed, etc. They have clinics for every distance, including walking a marathon. Just check your local store. And if physically joining the clinic is out of the question due to travel, he can do one online, and drop into any Running Room on Wednesdays and Sundays for group runs. ANY Running Room anywhere! Which marathon, by the way?? I'll be back running the Toronto Waterfront in October. See you ladies then.