Friday, June 10, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello ladies, how is everyone doing?
Cathy I hope that you are feeling better. Carolin, I hope that the situation with the teenager has been resolved.

Mr Sunshine is on a plane coming back from Calgary (he must be getting tired of traveling as I got a BBM from him Friday morning) and the girls are at a friends house hanging out. It is not too often that I have time alone to myself. At first it was fun to just relax or watch what I want on TV for a change or just do absolutely nothing. I have done some cleaning and guess what, what I cleaned earlier tonight is still clean, that's kind of cool. The truth is however, that after about two and a half hours or so I started to really miss everyone. Mr Sunshine is almost never at home and Miss Teen Sunshine spends a lot of time on her own but Little Miss Sunshine is my little side kick. I can't even sneak away to the bathroom without her looking for me and calling my name. I really miss it. And although Miss Teen Sunshine is usually in her room she surfaces every once in a while and makes us laugh over something silly. I even miss looking over and seeing Mr Sunshine sleeping on the floor. What's wrong with me? Nothing I hope, I just miss the people in my life that matter the most. So, I decided it was a good time to blog and see what you ladies are up to. But, just as at home, I am lonely talking to myself on the blog. (Carolin) I am so jealous. Though I did get a weekend to myself a few weeks ago. No, can't say after two hours was I lonely but by Sunday I was ready for them to come home.

What's new this week? Well let me see, how about oh yes I know, nothing at all. The count down continues to summer vacation with only 5 work days left. What about that crazy hail storm on Wednesday evening. It was pretty wild. The girls and I were on our way to Michael's (Miss Teen Sunshine was driving) and it was raining and hailing so hard that we had to pull over for about a half hour. I have been meaning to check to top of my car to see if there are any dents on the roof. When the hail stones were crashing against the car the noise was so loud. I thought that the wind shield was definitely going to crack. The girls have some cool video of the storm as we were experiencing it from within the car. (Carolin) We live less than 5 minutes from each other and I have no idea what you are talking about. Storm? Hail?? Where was I? I remember, Wednesday was my 26th wedding anniversary and the husband was at work (surprise) while I had my head under the kitchen sink freaking out over ants. I missed the whole storm (kinda remember it raining) as I was too busy throwing our uneaten dinner out as I didn't notice the ants on the baking sheet till too late. Then cleaning two cupboards of little tiny nasty ants. I think I would of rather sat in the car on the side of the highway through a hail storm than what I was doing.

This weekend we have my niece's graduation on Saturday evening and soccer pictures on Sunday. Miss Teen Sunshine is working both Saturday and Sunday. She is now an LIt (Lead In Training) so her shifts have been longer and she is working really hard. From what I can gather, she is supposed to shadow a supervisor for about 6 weeks and then they determine if she is ready for a supervisor positon or not. At the end of the training, there may not even be a position available until later. Oh well, we will see what happens. She had two days of in class sessions and the next weekend was in the park (amusement). I guess that they must be short on supervisors because she was only able to shadow one day and be acting supervisor the next. She is now comfortable with opening procedures and this weekend she will be shadowing the closing supervisors for two shifts. I am so very proud of Teen Sunshine, way to go girly!

She fell at school on Wednesday, She said that her ankle gave out and she got really nasty scrapes just below her knee. It was enough damage that an accident report was filled out and the Vice Principal tracked me down to let me know what had happened. Well, she was healing a little bit on Thursday and then when I picked her up today she came out with one pant leg rolled up and her knee bleeding. Her ankle gave out again and she fell once again scraping just below her knee worse than before. I told her that she should have completed her physiotherapy as they were helping her strengthen her ankle but of course as she got progressively better, she did not want to go any more. Now she agrees that she should go back to physio once again. I am not sure how she will endure all that walking at work with a throbbing knee and a weak sore ankle. I have never met someone so accident prone in my life. Thank goodness she is such a tough cookie. Oh well enough of that. After I hurt my ankle a few years ago (never went to physio) but I can say it took 18 months till I was not in pain on a regular basis. I can only now wear a shoe with a inch heal and even then my ankle feels week.

Well, I have to go to a wedding shower tomorrow afternoon. I am dropping the teenager and her boyfriend off at the subway as they are going to see Lion King and then heading to the shower. You might know that shower's are not my thing, but this one even more so. It is my future sister in law and she is great but the shower is a personal shower. I went to Le Senza and bought her stuff I would never wear. So far so good, I am to bring a cheese tray, once again I can handle this. Earlier this week an email was sent out reminding all about the shower and the hostess have also booked a pleasure consultant. !!! So it seems there will be sex toys, body paint, and other unmentionables that we are all to look at, touch, buy. I am really not looking forward to this part at all. I don't think I need to see my Mother holding a vibrator or munching away on edible underwear. Needless to say the little one is not coming to the shower with me. Hey, Sunshine if you are still bored you can come.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!


  1. Hi Ladies,

    I know that I have been absent from the blog lately. I have been absorbed with all of the strike talk and memos and, "how to picket" rules. They have assigned picket line schedules which naturally conflict with my life, so, I, and others, have had to deal and reorganize life. I thought my start schedule at work was early. My shift for picket line duty starts at 5am for seven hours. I finish at 12noon! On my work shift I was off on Fridays and Saturdays. My birthday is on a Friday. It was going to be the first time I had the day off on my birthday in as long as I can remember. Guess what, now I'm scheduled to picket on Friday! Oh well, I hope it doesn't last long; for everyone's sake!

  2. Carolin I can't wait to hear all about your personal shower experience. I was laughing so hard especally visulizing you being embarassed by someone else at the shower who may be really into it.

    Cathy, I hope that the strike ends soon. Hang in there. Enjoy your birthday either way. I am at my 9-3 food handling coarse in down town Toronto on that day so if I miss talking to you on that day, have a wonderful brithday!!!