Sunday, September 26, 2010

Movie Review The Answer Man

Last night the husband was at work, the teenager out with friends and the little one was content playing in the basement. I had nothing to do (WOW) so I got comfy with a blanket, snacks and an ice tea and watched a movie I got from the library. I borrow all kinds of movies from the library, some are not bad, a few are good but most are boring. The good thing is since they come from the library I get them for a week and they are free, as long as I remember to return them on time.

So I started watching a movie called, "The Answer Man." Firstly, let me say I have never heard of it, and all along I thought it stared Lauren Graham ( and I thought it was Alan Alda . Whom I really like but thought it was odd he would be in a romantic comedy as he is much older then Lauren Graham. But who am I to judge and keep it mind it is a film festival movie. I start watching the movie and notice Jeff Daniels and Dumber) is in it. I am about a third into the movie when I realize that it is Jeff Daniels on the cover of the DVD case and not Alan Alda. Oh well, I am enjoying the movie anyway.

It is a typical romantic comedy (not so much comedy) boy meets girl. I am a sucker for a good RC (romantic comedy) and this one is good. The characters are believable and not perfect. Both have their quirks and the supporting cast are all likable and believable. The story takes place in Philadelphia and is about a chiropractor (Lauren Graham) who has recently moved to the city and set up a new practice. Jeff Daniel's character is an eccentric writer who throws his back out and needs her help. The dialogue is witty and smart, the supporting cast are funny and enjoyable and Jeff Daniels is outstanding and though I have always liked his acting I think this movie he really out does himself.

I also liked the scenery of Philadelphia and the soundtrack was enjoyable. I found the simple piano soundtrack enhanced the feeling of the movie and wasn't overpowering at anytime.

I would rate The Answer Man 4 1/2 out of 5.

Because this is a 2009 Sundance film festival movie I don't know if the neighbourhood movie rental would have it. But our local library does and it's free to borrow.

I did a quick Wikipedia search and read what it had to say. Of course the review from critics were negative. But over the years I have realized that if the critics don't like it then I will and vice versa.

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  1. I though I was the only one making the mistake, thinking Alan Alda was in the movie by looking at the DVD cover. Thank you for reassuring me that I am not alone in thinking this. Great movie, too.