Friday, September 10, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Carolin) Once again Cathy sends out the email that "Catch up Fridays" is set up and ready to go. I log in and I see a blank screen, nothing, nada. So what the heck am I supposed to talk about? I sent you an e-mail to warn you it would be a blank screen. I've been busy, lol! Yes, it has been one busy week as I am sure it has been for everyone with school age children. I am in my new kitchen at school and it is fabulous. Big, shinny, new and lots of light. I am slowly getting into a rhythm and working out the kinks. The students seem to be handling the new healthy food law changes pretty well. But of course, I can see it in my bottom line, I need to come up with some creative new ways to generate the income.

(Sunshine) I am so tired. It has been a very busy week and getting back into the swing of things will take some getting used to. My body did not receive the memo about early mornings and running around for my four and a half hour shift and let's not even mention all that has to be done after work. Mr Sunshine is away for the next week and a half and Miss Teen Sunshine starts her job tomorrow. Lots of driving around and lots of other things to do and only one parent is available to do it. I am ready for the challenge, but first I need some sleep. Nighty night everyone and sleep tight.

(Cathy) It was a busy week. I am still on vacation and am due back to work this coming Monday. The kids are settled in at school. It doesn't take long to get back into the routine, does it? The younger one is in his first year at high school and came home on the first day complaining that he already had two pages of math homework. Oh well, we warned him! Hubby started his new job this week and other than the commute (40 minutes as compared to 7 minutes in Sarnia) all is going well. We are all glad to have him back home!
It looks like we ladies are starting another book for our book club. I forget the title. I'm thinking it is called, "The senator's wife". I will let you know. We are waiting to get the books. Hopefully, next week.
Finally, I did post earlier on this week about the death of my girlfriend's father in Calgary. She and all of her family are in our hearts and prayers. God bless.

Have a great weekend and Cathy, thanks so much for keeping us all on track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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