Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Moment - Lost

(Cathy) Today, I was enjoying a nice time in my garden. I was watering my containers and just puttering around. As I was watering, I remembered a cute story and I thought that it would make a good post for our blog. I finished in the garden and booted up my laptop; I opened up a fresh page to write the post and ....... nothing! For the life of me I cannot remember what the, "cute little story" was. So, there you have it, little moment - lost! Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Oh, honey!!! LOL! How many times have you started down the hallway, out the door or into another room, only to stand there and think "now, why did I get up?!"...
    Welcome to forty-cough-cough. I'd tell you that it's only going to get better, but I've forgotten what we're talking about.

  2. LOL My wife is the same way.... As we joke together to many shining things lol.