Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thursdays on the Bench

(Carolin) Well it was a bit of a shock logging into At The Park and going to Thursday on the Bench and finding a blank screen. What is going on Cathy? I have become very used to you doing all the work and I just have to come in and fill in the blanks and of course put my two cents worth in. Me too.

(Cathy) I'm on a new shift and I am confused. I thought today was Saturday and when I received the text from the boys that they were at school, well it's going to take a few more days to get used to it. I thought today was Friday.

I know that Carolin will chew me out when I say this, however, I have really started with the peri-menopause stuff. I am trying not to let it get to me and I am just accepting the physical stuff and keeping the mental stuff to a minimum. I have read about ways to reduce the symptoms and they are the usual: eat healthy, exercise and get sleep. Let's start with sleep.....what sleep! I have not slept in two weeks! The night sweats keep me awake. No, let me correct myself, the night soaks! I will be in the middle of a dream and without warning I am awake and soaked! So starts the cycle of flinging off the covers until the sweat evaporates which leaves me 'freezing cold'. On goes the covers until.... this continues all night long. Even hubby is suffering from sleep deprivation! I will even have hot flashes 4 to 5 times a day. This is not in my head! I do not want this and I did not wish for it. I would tease about hot flashes in the past, but I had no idea. I understand this is natural and that is how I wish to deal with it. I do not wish to go running to my doctor to get a prescription for anything. I understand that this will run it's course. I have no idea how long but I have been told it could take a few years. My periods are still pretty regular although now that I think about it they have been coming earlier each month and lasting longer. ( I know, t.m.i. ) There are other symptoms that I am not too pleased to be dealing with, however I think I have grossed out Carolin enough for now. If anyone has any advise I would love to read it. You are going through menopause cause that's all you have talked about for the past 3 years. You wished upon yourself and now you are paying the price! (Sunshine) I wonder if I am going through the same thing. You two are killin me, can't you just enjoy being in your 40's. There are some women who are still having babies at our age. The way you two talk you will be trading 'always pads' for 'depends underwear'.

Other than being beyond tired if I have not already said, I have finished my Christmas shopping and am looking forward to an enjoyable Christmas season filled with cookies, carols and crafts. N0w you are just pissing me off. No I am not near done Christmas shopping, I have done some mind you. As some of you know the next two weeks are crazy for me as I prepare for the annual school family breakfast. It is called the Bethlehem Breakfast and it takes up most of my time getting it organized. So after December 5th then I will be in some serious Christmas shopping mode. I have not even thought about any Christmas shopping at all.

I just got a phone call from Mommie (remember her) anyway she has 7 extra Jimmy Buffet tickets for tonight. Wish I could go but the husband and teenager are at work and it is just me and the little one. I don't think Jimmy Buffet is appropriate for a 9 year old. I did call KD to see if her and her husband (albatross) wanted to go. Albatross is a big parrot head fan but unfortunately he is at work as well. Darn these afternoon shifts. Well I need to go eat some dinner and get the little one out of the shower, it has been over 45 minutes since she first went in. Who is Jimmy Buffet? Who's Jimmy Buffet? Why he is the Margarittaville guy. It is his music that they play when you are down south (Florida)

Well my day was uneventful. Just driving around to and from my kids schools and work in between that. The cafeteria that I work in is in a brand new school so our equipment is also brand new. Well from day one there has been a steady breeze in the cafeteria. The hood system is designed to take outside air and exchange it for the air inside so it is always a nice cool temperature in the cafeteria. This really helps me seeing as I am always so hot. Well the manager of the cafeteria is constantly complaining about the breeze so someone fooled around with the air exchange today (that can't be good) and now it is like a sauna in there. I told the manager that her new job while we are serving lunch will be to wipe my face with a paper towel so that I don't drip on the food as I am serving it.

Mr Sunshine has been away all week so we are all looking forward to his return tomorrow night. Friday is the opening of New Moon and I am hoping to see it sometime this weekend. Teen Sunshine has had tickets for weeks and will be seeing it with her friends on Friday.

Nothing else new to report. Have a great weekend.

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