Monday, November 9, 2009

Bench Talk - Keeping Christ in Christmas

46 days to go until Christmas!

The stores are getting ready. Some stores have had Christmas items on display since September. We had our first snowfall last week! (even if it didn't make it all the way to the ground) (Caroline)We Did? Darn I missed it. (Sunshine) It was hailing on Tuesday afternoon around 1:20 pm. It was pretty freaky and then the sun was shining moments later. Sunday was gorgeous! 17 degrees Celsius and sunny., just wonderful! Guess where I was.... in my garden. It was a great break from shopping! Sunday was great, the husband put up the Christmas lights, and I Christmasized my Iron Urn at the front of the house.

People are starting to gear up for Christmas. I wonder, how does your family gear up for Christmas, or do they? Everyone asks me to do their Christmas shopping for them and usually I do as I am out there doing mine anyway. I always take a weeks vacation and go shopping with my mom and sister. We have a great time! We go for lunch and the malls are usually quiet so it's not all rushed and crazy. We also have a big family Christmas party at the beginning of December. We picked the start of December as few families have other obligations. It's a nice time to reconnect and the kids have great fun! I have done some shopping and made some list. On Sunday the teenager and I went over the list and decided what we were getting for who. Looks like I will be buying a lot of gift certificates. I guess that is what happens when the nieces and nephews start to grow up.

One thing I have been doing with my kids since the teenager was 2 is starting December 1st I hide for the teenager a little Christmas bear and for the little one a Christmas angel around the house for them to find each day. I always try to keep it vi sable but in a different place each day. Sometimes it will be in there shoe, or sleeve of their coat another day they might find it laying beside them when they wake up in the morning. The teenager says she is to old for her bear but I wonder if I didn't do it would she be upset. Last year we had a bit of a panic as I couldn't find the bears by December 1st. We had to put up all the decoration before normally would so I could find the bears. Hopefully I will find the bears with out a problem. But at this point I cant remember where I put them!

Will there be CHRISTmas trees around? Will store workers be able to wish customers a 'Merry CHRISTmas'? Will you send CHRISTmas cards? I usually send Christmas cards. It is the one time of year that I actually connect with all of my family. The cards are fun to give and fun to receive. Will there be a cookie exchange this year? I hope so. I already know what I'm going to bake! A few years ago at work we were told by memo not to wish people a Merry Christmas. We were advised only to say, "Happy Holidays". It ways funny because the public continued to wish us a Merry Christmas and no-one seemed to be insulted! Thankfully, things have changed and during the last few years we have been allowed to say, "Merry Christmas!" I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and have know patience for the liberal minded people who think it is OK to insult my faith. For 7 years I worked for a professional photographer who was Jewish. Half of our clientele was Jewish and the other half Christian. I don't remember anyone being by wishing them a Merry Christmas. If I knew they were Jewish I would wish them Happy Hanukkah and they would wish me Merry Christmas. Such nonsense now a days. I in the past have sent Christmas cards and usually type up a what has been going on letter for the people who I only connect with at this time of year. If I can find where I put the cards I bought on sale last year I will send them out this year.

Do you get it yet? Will this year be different from years past? Will Christ once again take his rightful place and will his birth be celebrated on December 25th? Good point Cathy. I hope Christ comes first but to be honest on the 25th it is so busy that he is easily forgotten in the bustle of the day. I do look forward to going to our Christmas Eve service at church. I think it really helps for me to keep my mind centred on Christ with the fact that the little one goes to a christian school.

We are going to our Church's family Christmas dinner Friday December 4. In the past it has been a fun filled evening. This year the husband will be involved in a skit with some of the other volunteers who work with the children. I bought him a pair of black tights (he needs them for the skit) and I am looking forward to seeing him and laughing my head off. The very next day we have our annual Christmas Breakfast at the little ones school. I have been involved with this annual breakfast for over 10 years now and I stress over it every year through the month of November.

You might think it's a little early for this topic of conversation, however, 'tis the season!

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