Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dancing with the stars week#7

It was a fun night on Dancing with the stars. Donny Osmond was one of my favorite performances this week. I think that in the end Donny and Joanna will be fighting it out for the trophy.

Eliminated this week were Mark (Host of Iron Chef) and Michael Irwin (NFL Hall of Famer). Both competitors were very charismatic and although it is sad to see them go I do agree with both decisions. Michael and Aaron were in the dance off on Tuesday night and the judges made the decision on who was going to leave. Although Michael seems to be a great guy, Aaron Carter is clearly the better dancer of the two.

The dancers that are left are all good. They have all come a long way since he beginning of the show. The excitement level is rising.

I will update you all again next week.

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  1. I just watched the team tango on 'youtube'. They were great! I'm finding that I'm watching more on youtube when I can and really enjoying it. Does this mean that Sunshine has converted me over to a new reality show???