Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dancing with the stars semi finals

Monday night on Dancing with the Stars each of the four remaining celebrities performed 3 dances each. Mya and Joanna were both incredible. Donny stumbled on his first number in part due to a wardrobe malfunction and Kelly was a crowd favourite.

Well on Tuesday night the votes were in and to a lot of peoples surprise Joanna was eliminated.

Next week will be the finals so keep watching.

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  1. Really??? I thought for sure after the first dance by Donny and Kym that they would be gone. I saw the first dance at work and do not know how they fared for the other two dances. Joanna??? I thought she was very good. Is it the fans who call in who still decide who goes? How did Donny do in the other two dances? Thanks, Sunshine!