Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursdays on the Bench

Good day all.

Yesterday was Remembrance Day.

I'm glad we do have one day a year dedicated to remembering everyone who has made a great personal sacrifice in order to allow us to live as we do now. I'm sure we all take time throughout the year to remember, however, it's especially poignant on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th year. I attend the school assemblies. The children are so small and they really do not comprehend the what or why of this day. They do understand that it is a solemn day. The children stay quiet and still without the teachers having to shush them. Remarkable.

I cannot get through this day without tears. I am both sad and grateful. I am full of feeling. I think. I have been told many stories first hand by wartime survivors. I listen to these veterans tell their stories and remember that many of them were teenagers when they went off to war. My firstborn is only a year younger than my father-in-law was at the time he went to fight for his country. When my father-in-law speaks of his experiences, we listen in awe. It sounds like a movie and the telling stops you cold. There is nothing to say except: THANK-YOU!

I too, find Remembrance Day to be one of my favourites. I am glad that it no longer is a holiday. I understand the banks and government still get the day off but for everyone else it is a work day. When I was a kid it was a day off school, I don't remember much about celebrating our veterans when I was young. I like that our children spend the week before learning about what people have done so they can live a country that allows them to be free. Yesterdays celebration was very moving as it usually is. I was not able to watch the whole thing as I had to supervise a group of students who were preparing a lunch for a group of veterans and seniors who came to the school celebrations. I was listening to some stories on my way to work and one of the women on the radio just came home a little while ago. The announcer asked her what the hardest part of her job was and she said that they are all alone and their survival depends on them. They are the line of defence and sometimes thinking about that really scares her too.

Our small group meets tomorrow night and we have been discussing different projects we would like to do that would include the kids. KD was looking into getting Remembrance day cards from Hallmark (they are free) and then getting the kids to write to the men and women who are over seas right now. What a great idea.

I have had another busy week and the husband has come in just about everyday to help (thank goodness). We have sold over 12 dozen bagels! My one concern is my sandwich sales are down this week. I am hoping it is just a fluke and people are not having a bagel instead. I will have to see as the weeks go by. Our special this week was chicken or Vegetable fajitas. They went well, sold 20 on Wednesday and 17 today plus all the other stuff. I am so happy that business is going so well.

I am looking forward to this Saturday night. The husband and I are going to a Gala Dinner and show with Mr. & Mrs Sunshine. Teen Sunshine is in the play and I am excited to go out and of course to see Teen Sunshine on stage. I am really looking forward to that evening. We are all so busy and I hardly see anyone any more. Mr. Sunshine and Little Miss Sunshine went to see the performance last night and they really liked it. I was working late, we had a blessing at the school so I worked a 13 hour shift. I am so looking forward to the weekend.

Keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!

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