Monday, May 28, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Cathy) G'Day everyone! (memories of Bob and Doug McKenzie). I hope everyone is having a good week! It was great to pop in and see the Ladies last weekend. Miss Teen Sunshine had a birthday last weekend and Hubby and I interrupted the festivities when we popped in. It was really good to see all of her family. It made me remember the times when we all lived on the same street and would see each other and each other's family often. (Carolin) you forgot the 'EH', its G'Day Eh! (oops!) (Sunshine)  It was great seeing you and your hubbie Cathy.

How is the gardening coming along. I have been slow, but steady. I get Hubby and the boys to do my grunt work! It's fun directing them and hearing them groan and say, "why can't you move this or that yourself.......pause..... oh, yeah, you can't." Now it's the gardening tasks are just weeding and watering. I have three rain barrels that I use to water all of my plants in and out and because of the lack of rain they are all almost empty! This rarely happens. I am even thinking about purchasing another rain barrel and connecting it to one I already have. I think we are going to have a dry summer.   Wow, three rain barrels, I have one and don't think I have ever emptied it.  If your boys need more work send them over.  My front is done (just got to stay on top of the weeds) but the back is a mess!  My garden is a big disaster, both front and back.  There is no time and the little time that there is, there is no energy.

Have you heard about all of the forest fires up north? They are really bad and out of control. I have not heard how they were started. I hope it was Mother Nature and I also hope no one gets hurt bringing them under control.  Miss Teen Sunshine was informing about them the other day, apparentelly they are a direct result of not enough rain.

Well, this week the Older One sent in his acceptance for University. We have paid the deposit for residence and sent in the application for funding. (funding ?)He won't be too far away, however, it will be strange and new for all of us. But, that's a few months away yet so I still have time to live in denial that he's leaving the nest. (although, I'm sure he will be home on weekends for food and clean clothes!!!)  I think that I would be having a really hard time with the whole residence thing. 

Three weeks left of school!!! I am looking forward to the break.  We reached a milestone in our house this week.  The little one went away with her grade for three days and two nights without me!  This is a big deal as she has never done this and gets very upset when we suggest camp (without me).  Even sleepovers are a bit of a issue and it depends on who's house before she will go.  When she left Wednesday morning she was anxious but did say, "I want to go mom, I just want you to go with me".  Of course I could not go but I got No phone calls while she was away.  Her teacher did come speak to me when they came back.  Seems she had a melt down on the Thursday.  Crying, wanting her Mom, and she hit (!!!) another girl.  I was told it was all dealt with and things are fine but I don't know if I should get involved. (let it go, I'm sure it was an isolated  incident and will not happen again)  I know how difficult it is to have a child that won't do much of anything without you.  You must be so proud of her for managing to do those nights on her own. 

Well the husband is away this weekend and it is his birthday this coming Tuesday.  The girls and I are off to the mall to figure out what to get him as a gift. Happy Birhtday to the husband.

That's it for me!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Have a great week everyone!

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