Monday, June 4, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Cathy) Hi ladies! I have just finished another "pizza Friday". I wonder if they will ever, EVER, get tired of it! I know I am tired of making pizza each and every Friday from scratch! (although, the boy's friends think I make awesome pizza! Yes, I'm bragging, lol!) So, I hear you all.... stop complaining and be grateful that I do not have to think about what to make for dinner on a Friday night. I think that Friday pizza is the only meal that I reproduce on a monthly basis. Hubby and the kids always laugh that they never get bored of eating the same thing night after night, week after week, as I, for some strange reason, will not repeat meals. I always find a way to tweak them to make them different. I did try meal planning and it does work. It's just that when I got to the end of the ten weeks and would then start back at week one, I couldn't do it. It was just too soon to make those meals again! Hubby and the kids ask for "make agains" and I try, however, always with a twist. So, Hubby and the boys have stopped asking for "make agains" as they realize it will not happen any time soon. Is this a common problem, Benchers? How do all of you handle meal time? I do love to cook and have an extensive spice drawer and pantry which gives me the ability to cook meals from all over the world. The Younger One will come home and ask not, "what's for dinner", but rather, "what culture are we eating from tonight?". Thankfully, Hubby and the boys have an extensive palate and enjoy food from all over the world. Actually, the Younger One is a pretty good cook, too. The Older One can cook, however, he prefers to bake. He will probably be popular when he attends University this coming fall. He makes really good muffins.  (Carolin)  You're killing me!  Never repeat a dinner.  Are you kidding me!  It is a stellar night if I make a peanut butter sandwich to have with leftover soup. (funny!) (Sunshine) I only have about 20 good recipes that I repeat over and over again.  Once in a while and try something new but I must be doing something wrong as rarely does anyone like something new and different.  I commend you
Cathy for being able to cook so many different things so often.  I must say that even my tried and true recipes don't even turn out great every time.

To change the subject, It's raining! Finally! The weather people predict that we will have a very raining month of June. I am hoping to get some weeding done now that we have had rain. (later in the day)  The weeding is done and was very easy thanks to the rain.  We have rabbits in our yard and though they are cute they are also a pain in the butt!  I had about 25 yellow and green beans that had sprouted and were about 4 inches high and the next day when I go out to have a look at the garden all that is left is stems.  The rabbits have eaten all the leaves.  I have planted some more seeds and will look for the landscape cover we have used in the past to protect the beans till they get bigger. Can someone please come and weed my garden.  They are over taking any plants that are out there.

Arm update: MRI is set for tomorrow, (Saturday). I hope I am able to keep still long enough. I am not claustrophobic so I hope I will cope with being, "sucked into the tube". I will let you know the results when I get them.  I know a few people who have had MRI's and they said that it is actually not too bad but I think that I would be nervous too.

I am sure all will go well.  The husband is working Sat night, and the little one is at a sleepover.  I don't know what the TWINATA is doing but I am pretty sure she is going somewhere.  So I guess that leaves me home tonight.  I started watching Big C and like it so far.  Perhaps I will watch a few more episodes.  Does any one watch Mad Men?  I hear allot on the radio about it, I did try to watch the first episode last night but Netflix was acting weird and I could not watch the whole thing.  Caroline, I hope that you enjoyed your time off.  Isn't it weird when you are so use to having people around you to be by yourself?

Sunshine popped in for a quick visit on her way to a training class for her work. It was great to see you! You are looking really good! Cathy, it was so good to see you too.  The visits these days seem to be a lot shorter but i really do enjoy them.

Maybe, we ladies can get together next week?????  Yes please, I would really love that. 

Have a good week everyone!

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