Monday, May 14, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Cathy) Hi all. So what was different about this week? Well, with all of the rain and warmth the trees which I thought had taken a few steps backward came to life! It's amazing how much life can grow in a week! It feels good to be outside and smell spring and see so much in bloom! I hope that this week has you Ladies feeling ok.  Think about it, there is just one more month left of school! It was just Christmas yesterday!! The Older One is starting to believe that he "really is" going to University this coming September. Hubby and I are really starting to believe it, too! Does anyone have any answers as to why University has become so expensive? The Older One was accepted into the Engineering Coop degree program. We think this is really a good idea. This allows the student to work summers or fall/winter by adding a year to their program in their field. So many students graduate from University and are unable to get a job due to lack of experience. I hope this coop will allow the Older One to make connections and hopefully have a viable option for a job upon successful graduation. (I think I am getting ahead of the game here, lol). 

So what else is new with everyone?

Have a good week!

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