Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Review:  A Mile in My Flip Flops by Melody Carlson.

I don't know how this book ended up in my stack of to read.  I had finished the Hunger Games Trilogy and need something to read.  I wanted something light and the premise seemed fun.  A thirtyish women decided to buy a fixer upper and then flip it. 

I have never read Melody Carlson and didn't know she was a 'chiristan' writer.  I don't mine most christian books usually.  I would of enjoyed this book much more if the product placement wasn't so over the top.  I am not a big brand person, I wouldn't know a Jimmy Cho to a Payless shoe.  I do like quality but prefer quite quality over screaming brand name.  Anyway back to the book

Does the publishing industry get paid for product placement like the movie and TV industry?  This books name dropping was so over the top that I found it almost laughable.  It came to the point were I was counting how many brand names would be mentioned on a single page.  The most I counted was 8!
Sentence's like I needed to get more supplies but had maxed out my 'Lowes' credit card so I had to go to 'Homedepot'.  Good think I was wearing my 'Target' sandals and not the 'L L Bean' ones as I dropped paint on myself.   These are examples not actual sentence from the book

Would I recommend this book to others, if you want something easy and don't mind the product placement then sure.  Would I seek out a Melody Carson book to read in the future probably not. 

I am interested 'Benchers' is this style of writing (name dropping, product naming) normal in books now?  Should I expect more of this? 

I am 1/3 the way through David Cassidy's bio now. 


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  1. Hiya, just to solve the mystery, the book came from me. I think I got it from my mom but not sure. I do remember it was a quick read and I don't remember all of the Product promotions. I probably just read over them as I am not a fan of "name brands" either. I have never read anything else from this author either and would only read another if I didn't have to pay for it.