Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Cathy) Yoo Hoo!!! Hey Ladies.... where are you?? This post is titled, "Keeping in Touch". I haven't heard from you Ladies all week. I hope all is well. 
Before I forget, I have a beefsteak tomato plant and a cherry tomato plant for each of you. If I can get a drive and if you are home I will try to deliver them to you both this weekend. Let me know.  I wish I knew sooner as I just bought a bunch tomato plants.  But you know me Cathy I can always take a few more.  The Husband cleaned the vegetable garden today so I hope to get some stuff planted tomorrow.  I still need to go buy a few more seed packs like peas, beans and carrots. The husband and I planted flowers at the front of the house today and also spread mulch in the front gardens.  (Sunshine)  Thanks so much for thinking of us and for dropping off the plants.  This will be the first year that I actually grow some kind of vegetable.  If it goes well, you may convert me for the future.

Arm update: no change and it sucks, (excuse my language). Today in physio my therapist did some doodad number on my neck and when I sat up I thought I was going to pass out! I had to rest still for almost twenty minutes until I felt almost normal. What does this mean? I do not even want to know. The medical community has deemed me an "interesting case". I do not wish to be an "interesting case". Feel better soon Cathy. 

Happy Victoria Day weekend everyone! What plans do you have? Tomorrow I am going shopping with my mom, sister and niece. My niece is in grade seven, however, the grade eight class at her school is small so the grade seven's have been invited to the grade eight grad to make up numbers. So, we are off to buy the "party dress". I hope we can find something that says "party" without being either too young or too old. (Carolin) Check out Sears, I have had good luck with dress' for the the TWINAT when she was younger.  The dress' are pretty, modest and under $100.00.  Have fun shopping  We celebrated Miss Teen Sunshine's Birthday on Victoria Day and I worked the rest of the weekend.

Yeah for a long weekend, only a month left of school!!!!!  I have gotten so much accomplished today but still have a list a mile long on what I still want to get done this weekend.  A few months ago I picked out of peoples garbage (yes that's me, a garbage picker) two bedroom end tables.  They don't match as they are from different homes.  I am planning to get one of them sanded down this weekend and hopefully ready to stain.  The second one needs to be sanded but will be painted.  The little one have been looking at different painting techniques that we are considering.  I will try to remember to take before and after pictures.  Of course only if I am happy with the results. Sounds like a good project. I have a plant pot that needs repainting, I had hoped to get it done this season. Hubby has been really busy with his "honey-do" list, so I have let the pot go for another year. Or I just might get a can of rust paint and spray it on. Only one hand is needed for that, right?  I love finding items in the garbage that I can breath new life into but Mr Sunshine gets very embarrassed when I drag things out of the neighbours garbage and bring them home.  Good luck with your project, if the results are good it will be very satisfying.

Ladies have you read the Hunger Games trilogy?  I finished the third book this past week.  That's probably why I have so much house work to do, as I have been ignoring everything and everyone for the past three weeks while I was  consumed by Katniss, Peeta and Gale. The Younger One has all three books and has raved about the movie. He wants me to read them, but the idea of reading about kids killing kids does not really interest me. I have been looking forward to reading them as Miss Teen Sunshine has raved about them for so long but my niece has borrowed the first book and I am waiting for it to be returned.  Caroline, did you like the book series? Yes I liked the series.  If KD hadn't raved about them I probalby wouldnt of bothered.  The first book took a couple of chapters to get into but then it was good.  I liked the second book the best, TWINAT liked the first book the best. 

Have a good week everyone! Play safe!

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