Saturday, May 5, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Cathy) Happy Friday everyone! I hope it was a good week. For me, it was a long week. I pushed myself too hard so paid the price. As the saying goes: one step forward, two steps back. 

Weather wise, it's nice to see warmth again. We filled the pool and have turned on the solar to start heating up the water. Let's hope for a good summer! In the garden my forget-me-nots are all in bloom. They look great now. Soon, they will go to seed then I will pull them out to make room for my perennials. I have no major plans  for my garden this year which is a good thing as I am the "one armed garden bandit". This will be a year of maintenance. I only planted lettuce and tomatoes and parsley from seed this winter. I am keeping it all manageable. (Carolin) Even with one arm you are way ahead of me.  I try not to even go in the yard and look at the massive out of control gardens.

I had a nice visit from Sunshine this morning. Thanks for breakfast, Sunshine! Carolin was at work and we contemplated dropping in on her but figured out she would be too busy. We miss her and hope to be able to get together really soon!

I received a letter from the MRI department from the hospital. My appointment in this coming July 15th. I hope to be better by then and not need it. I did call, per procedure, and placed myself on the "short notice" list. I'll keep you updated. Do any of you watch the television show, "House"? Hubby does and I watch and read at the same time. Whenever a patient has to get a MRI on that show, something drastic happens to them while they are in the magnet! If I have to go, I think I will just keep my eyes closed and pretend to sleep. 
(Sunshine)  Cathy, it was great seeing you.  Its amazing how months can pass by and we can just effortlessly pick up where we left off.  I want you to feel better as fast as possible so that you can get back to doing all of the things you love. 

Carolin we missed you and hope to see you soon. 
Nothing much is that new around here.  The girls are busy with school and Miss Teen Sunshine is also busy with work.  Mr Sunshine busy as usual and myself also busy with home, the girls and school.

This weekend we are seeing family on both days and I am looking forward to it as we seem to have less time for this because of everyone's crazy schedules and time restraints.    Family is a funny thing, I am glad you are looking forward to seeing yours.  The little one and I were at a baby shower this afternoon.  I have such a hard time with the snide comments from some.  I don't like going to family functions because of this.  I also probably don't help because I wont keep my mouth shut anymore and will respond back.  The TWIATA (The teenager who isn't a teenager anymore) wont go to many family functions anymore because of this,  you feel like you have to be on your guard all the time.

I just had a interesting conversation with TWIATA.  She was telling me she meet up with a friend from high school that she hasn't seen since graduation.  He was updating her on the group of friends she had in high school.  One has dropped out of university, one is in rehab, one is in university but is also heavy into drugs and is $20,000 in debt), one finally came out of the closet (wasn't a surprise), one is working full time, and two are doing nothing (no school, no working NOTHING).  Then she said she meet up (same night) with the 'Dancer' (teen sunshine will know what that means as they went to the same Arts school).  In high school they wouldn't give TWIATA the time of day.  She said last night they acted like they were long lost friends,  Again out of the four that were there, two work part time, one is in school and the other works full time.  We talked about how much things change and that high school is such a small part.  Having long term goals, staying focused on the goal, and living within your means by working, saving, and going to school were you can afford it is worth it. 

Have a good week, everyone!

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