Sunday, April 29, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Cathy) Hi Ladies, I have to redeem myself so I made sure I set up the blog before Sunshine, lol! How was everyone's week? Sunshine, I hope you and your family are all over your illnesses. Let's hope that this cold, snowy weather is coming to an end. Carolin, I think you did a good thing deactivating your Facebook account. Facebook takes up a lot of time doing nothing. I find myself logging on just to see what everyone is doing. I have no interest in those Facebook game status updates and I am not sure how to delete them without deleting the person from my account. I find that I will log on and then become annoyed at what I see so I log off again. What exactly am I hoping to find? That's a question I have to answer for myself. (Carolin) I don't seem to be missing FB except the games, there were a few I liked to play to pass the time with.

Arm update: the physiotherapist noticed that my left arm is bluer than my right arm. I guess this is why it always feels like it is encased in a block of ice. I guess there is something, somewhere pinching both nerve and vein?? I am hoping and praying that the MRI will show something concrete. I am not a priority so I have no idea when I will get an appointment. The hospital said that they will mail me a letter and when I receive it I can call and ask to be placed on the cancellation list. 

Garden update: Have you ladies noticed how many trees seem to be dead or dying? I really noticed it with all of the magnolias. When we had that week of thirty degree Celsius all of the magnolias and tulips were in bloom and then we had that freeze and I sincerely hope it didn't kill off the trees, permanently! This weather is very much like a Calgary spring. 
(Sunshine)  Cathy, I am so sorry that you are having so much trouble with your arm.  I hope that they figure things out and that you will be feeling good again really soon. 

Carolin, I hardly ever go on facebook because I just don't have the time or interest in it.  However, I know that you used to enjoy facebook, so one day we will have to talk about what happened to make you put your account on hiatus(is this how you spell it?).   My official line is:  "I felt my time could be better spent doing other things than being on FB."  There were many reasons, yes my time could be better spent, I was tired of the people who make mean comments, and constantly negtive status's, the people who used FB as their personal soap box.  I felt it was better politically for me to take myself off FB then to delete all the 'friends' that annoyed me.  I didn't say it was for ever and all I have to do is log in and I am back on but I wanted to take a break till May.  So far I have had one BBM and two phone calls asking why I either deleted that person or why I deactivated my account.

I would love to get together next week.  Is there anyway that we could meet Monday or Tuesday evening for a few hours somewhere.  I would love to meet on a Friday evenings but I never seem to get them off. Do you always work evenings?  The husband is on the afternoon shift for the next two weeks so that makes my evenings not optional.  What about Sunday morning for breakfast. Sunshine you know were I like to have breakfast!  Yummy spinach feta omelet. I am free, I am waiting to see what is happening with my physio. Just let me know. Spinach feta omelet, eh, sounds greek to me! I would just need a ride or you could just come here!

I just got another shower invitations :(  That is the fourth shower I am expected to attend so far this year!  I really do NOT like showers, I find them boring, and I am not interested in looking at some persons new towels, baby outfits etc.   Guess I am just a party pooper.  I have gone to one already, and said yes to one for next Saturday.  But I am going to decline (just mail a gift) the other two.  We also have two weddings this summer, both are in August and are a week apart.  And I haven't gotten the shower invite for one of the weddings yet! It's been a while since I have had a year of "showers". It makes for a very expensive year. 

 Have a good week, everyone!

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