Sunday, March 4, 2012

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all, how did the week go? I do not think we will hear from Sunshine this week as her sister's wedding is tomorrow. With all of the planning they have done I am sure all will be perfect, after all, it's all about the love of two people for each other and the promise that they make together. We wish them all our best!

Sunshine, also celebrated her birthday this past week. Happy Birthday Sunshine! Hope you enjoyed your day! (Carolin) Hope you had a happy Bday Sunshine.

Carolin's, Little One also celebrated a birthday. Best wishes to her and I hope all of her wishes will come true!!! Yes, my baby is 12. We had a small family do on Thursday (her actual bd). My brother and sister in law (just back from their 4 month honeymoon backpacking through Thailand, Singapore and surrounding countries) came for the KFC feast. We then hosted 9 girls for a sleepover party Friday night/Saturday morning. It is 11:30 am Sat. and three girls are still here. Everyone is tired but I think it went well.

I am off in a few minutes to cook. I am cooking a buffet dinner for 140 people for tonight. I am just doing the cooking and they are picking up and reheating and serving. Then I am helping out a little for the Dessert/Drama night that Cathy mentioned.

Strange week weather wise. One day it's seven degrees above Celsius and warm and sunny. The next day it's below freezing and snowing and freezing rain! I hope spring happens soon, with lots of rain to fill up the water tables otherwise I can see water bans happening this summer.

Arm update: I am off work for another month. I am now on an anti-inflammatory and let's hope they make a difference. I am sick of reading and the television is boring.

Hubby and I are joining Carolin and family at the Little One's school tomorrow night for a night of "Desserts and Drama". It's a mission fund raiser. One guess as to who is making all of the desserts?? It promises to be a fun night!
One more week of school then off for TWO weeks of March Break. I have booked doctor appointments the first week of break. Yes, I will be going for my first mammogram on the 12th and I am a little nervous. I didn't think they did that until you turned 50? My doctor has yet to mention it to me. But the best part is a week from Thursday we leave for a relaxing week in the Dominican. Enjoy!  The little one and I (and I am sure the husband) are looking forward to laying on the beach. The teenager who is not a teenager anymore does not want to come. So benchers if you could do some random drive bys of my house to make sure the parties are not too crazy and it is still standing that would be grand. My brother and sister in law may stay at the house for the week which would make me feel better. I will check on the Teenager who is not a Teenager for you. Tell her she can call us if there are any weird sounds in the house and Hubby can come by to check it out. Will your phone work in the Dominican? 

Have a great week everyone!

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