Saturday, March 10, 2012

Catchup Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello everyone, I am sorry that I missed you last week but it was a really crazy week. The wedding was beautiful. Everyone had fun and the bride and groom are so happy. (Carolin) I am happy all went well. When can we see pictures!!
I haven't been to a wedding for a long time and I forgot how touching and emotional the day can be. I hope that my sister and her husband have a happy, healthy, safe and long life together. I wish them all the best. It is hard not to tear up at weddings. I think the older and wiser we get the more emotional we get.
Work has been busy and challenging but I do enjoy it. I am glad you are enjoying your job. Challenging can be a good thing as it means you are learning new things. Work, what's that??
Carolin, I hope that you will enjoy your time off for March Break. Yes, I am loving it so far (hasn't even been a day). I have different doctors appointments and tests scheduled for the first few days. Then the husband, little one and I are off to a sunny island for a week. The teenager (who is not a teenager anymore) did not want to go so will be home minding the fort. Tell her to call us for anything!

Cathy, I hope that you have a wonderful March break and that your arm feels better. Perhaps you should start to look at physio to get your arm moving again. I thought so too, however, the docs all say that if it is a torn tendon, physio will only make it worse. It has to heal and once it has physio will help to make the arm strong again.
I have been meaning to call you girls. The days seem to fly by but lets get together soon.
(this should be in green but I can't get the highlight to work)Work this week was dismal as lots of kids were away. As the school I work at has a two week break many families take advantage of the time off. And we all know no new concepts are being taught the last week of school so in reality the kids are not missing much.
The little one has started speech therapy again. We haven't done this since she was a preschooler but there are still many sounds she struggles with and we are fortunate this time to have the therapist come to the school (paid for by some government organization it think) and work with her. I meet with a psychologist on Thursday to discuss many concerns we (parents, teachers have with the little one) I left feeling a little overwhelmed. I feel like the professionals are all pushing us to medicate her. For what??  At this time we have agreed to have another assessment done with her to determine if she has ADD. The husband and I think she may have a mild/moderate version. Her teacher does not see it but he has admitted to thinking in the terms of a ADHD child. She is defiantly not that! But I feel a little frustrated as the definition of ADD (Attention deficit disorder) is children (also adults) who can concentrate on things they enjoy but struggle to stay focused on things they find boring or do not enjoy. Isn't that all of us? What about mild autism?
The doctor also discussed working with the little one to come up with coping skills to deal with her anxiety as we know the pressure and demands made on her will increase as she continues through junior high school and goes to high school. Also, they tell me they will help us flush out her IEP (individual education plan) and then find a high school that will best meet her skills. And just so you all understand none of this comes cheap, (the latest bill was $250.00 for the hour and half consult) Our insurance will pay $50.00 per visit!! I am going to need to sell a lot of cookies and sandwiches to pay for all this.
Oh well enough of that we have two weeks not to think about it!

It never seems to end does it? What happened to all of us kids in days gone by? How did we survive, or did we? Where are the stats on that?! 

On a different note, we have a pipe leaking somewhere in our home. See, it never ends! Hubby finishes the basement and next we know there is a leak coming from the upstairs bathroom! So, now we are once again going into demo mode! Ugh!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a good March Break, everyone!!!

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