Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all! I hope everyone is having a great March Break! Carolin has been busy! Thanks for the posting of your first mammogram. I have yet to have the pleasure. My doctor said it would happen when I turn 50, (gag!). I think it would be a moot point anyway as I have no breasts to speak of. What little I had disappeared with the five pounds I have lost since my skiing accident. Why could I not loose the weight from around my waist instead? As for my arm, I have a bit more mobility, but more pain? I see the doctor again in a week. He must be sick and tired of seeing me. I know that I am tired of the constant doctor visits but they are necessary so I will just shut up know and concentrate on healing. (Sunshine) Cathy, it must be so frustrating and your patience must be wearing thin but you are doing a great job. Carolin, thanks for the mammogram story, it is something that every woman worries about.
Carolin, how did you find your new love??? I went on the site and what a lot of information! What new things have you done from it this week?

Are you ready for your vacation? Tell your Teenager who is no longer a Teenager that she is welcome to come over for dinner any night. She is to call, no matter what time, if she needs something! We got home from our vacation early Sunday morning. It was an amazing trip to Los Cabos in Mexico. The weather was beautiful but not too hot and the scenery was gorgeous. I miss it already. We drove around and saw anything that was within two hours or so from the resort and I have to say that everyone was wonderful.

My sister and brother in law return from Mexico tomorrow. My sister is brown skinned and she sent an email that she burned herself! Ouch!!! It's been many years since she has had to respect the southern sun! Other than that they sound like they are having a great time! I had my niece and nephew stay over one night to give my folks a break. They had a good time eating junk and playing games, after all, what are aunties for???

Enjoy the week everyone! Welcome Spring!

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