Monday, March 12, 2012

My First Mammogram

Well it seems I have crossed another bridge in the life of being a female. This morning I went for my first mammogram and I will admit I was very nervous. Over the years listening to women older then me tell me how much it hurts, that they squish the bejjebbies out of your boobies. I'll admit I was scared.

just a little background. I was having some discomfort on the right breast last December and it would come on and off since. Unfortunately I was not observant enough to say it was linked to my monthly periods. The doctor back in December could not feel anything unusual but felt a mammogram would be a good idea to just make sure.

Because the doctor did not find anything i was not in a huge rush so when my appointment was made for January I called and change it till today when I would be off work. I was scheduled for 8:20 am and arrived at the hospital for 8:00 am. A volunteer at the entrance walked me to the correct department and made small talk the whole way. I then was admitted within a few minutes and then asked to have a seat in the waiting room.

After about 15 minutes I was called and the technician was great, friendly, patient and kind. She even asked my if I could be pregnant (she thought i was young enough to still have babies!!! I love this lady) Yes a mammogram is uncomfortable (especially on my right side which is the side that has bothered me, but also cause I broke my collarbone as a teenager and the pressure on that was a little painful. The left side was not a big deal. After the 6 pictures in all were taken I was asked to put on my top and wait for the radiologist to have alook. About ten minutes later the technician returned and asked me to have a seat in the waiting room as they would like to also take an ultrasound of the right breast.

Yes my anxiety was raised but I tried to stay calm and tell myself it is better to be safe then sorry. Again after about ten minutes I was brought to a ultrasound room. A different technician this time but she as well was very nice and we chatted about vacations. She did the ultrasound and then left. After a few minutes she returned and said I was cleared to go home. I was told to call my doctor in a few weeks for results.

I was back home by 9:30 am. The husband and little one were not even out of bed yet! All in all it was 'no biggie' and my advice to all women who will be crossing the bridge at some point is to relax, don't pay much heed to the women who have been through it and go on about being squished flat like a pancake. Yes you will be squished and yes it is uncomfortable but I would take a mammogram over a pap smear any day!

So what is next. I did have a look at pictures of my breasts on the computer screen but really didn't know what I am looking for. I didn't see any dark masses (hope that's good) but I did see a white spot. One on each breast in approximately the same spot so hopefully that is normal. I will probably do a little Internet searching just to freak myself out. I was told to call the my doctor in a few weeks for the results. I am sure they say that to everyone but it did make feel better thinking it was no rush which meant they didn't see anything worrisome. I will do my best to put the thought of anything serious to the back of my mind and enjoy the next two weeks I am off work.

All and all benchers if you are coming to that time when mammograms will be part of your life my suggestion is to do it and not listen to much to the women who make a big deal about it. Its not the most comfortable thing in the world to do but either is going to the dentist but we know it is better for us in the long run.


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